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Repurposed Vinyl Tablecloth Pillows

I have a super cute, super cheap little DIY to share with you today to spruce up your outdoor spaces!

I'm always looking for ideas to decorate my outdoor living spaces, I think they deserve the same level of cuteness and comfort as my indoor spaces. But since they are outdoors and the weather can take its toll on things I like to keep it as inexpensive and/or durable as possible.

How to repurpose a cheap vinyl tablecloth into adorable outdoor pillows!

Treasure Trove Tuesday - This Week's Thrifting Finds!

Hey there, how has your week started off? I'm off work while my kitchen is being remodeled so that is nice! Buuut... I have a head cold so that's not so nice 😞

I found quite a bit to share with you for this week's TTT!

Thrift shop scores

1970's Gothic Style End Table Makeover

I am in the process of recreating my living room to create a cozy eclectic bohemian retreat which means I'm in full-on thrifting mode to find pieces to create the look I'm after!

Truth be told I'm pretty much always in full-on thrifting mode since I buy to resell but I usually try to control myself when it comes to buying things for myself!

I stopped at Goodwill a couple of days ago and saw an ugly little end table in the furniture section. It didn't have a price so when I got up to the register I asked how much. They said $9.99... I thought about it for a minute but the guy behind me was looking a little irritated since they had to call for a price check and I couldn't quickly make up my mind so I left it behind.

I couldn't stop thinking about it so the next day I went back and it was still sitting there... still with no price! I picked it up and asked if they would take any less since one piece was a little loose. So, I got it for $8.99.  **whispering** I probably would have paid twice that... shhhhh!! 😉

As soon as I got it home I started the makeover!

An ugly 1970's table gets a sweet makeover!

Trash to Treasure Repurposed Dining Chair

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So, do you remember when I used to co-host the Craft Frenzy Friday link party? It was a weekly link party here on the blog where other bloggers could link up all their fun recent projects and you could browse around and check them out.

Well, when I did my reader survey I discovered that almost every single person who took the time to do the survey for me didn't really like that post! I guess you like seeing MY projects and not other peoples! That's awesome and so flattering I must say!

Well... long story short, that party ended at the decision of the main host and I was totally fine with that... as you are!

So instead, I have joined up with 6 other blogging friends of mine and we will be doing a monthly themed project together! It will happen the second Wednesday of each month, this month's theme is chairs. We could make over a whole chair or use just parts and pieces.

I'll post my chair project here and then at the end, there will be links to the other projects! That will be fun right? Only 6 other projects to enjoy instead of hundreds!

What to do with a single, ugly dining chair!

Treasure Trove Tuesday - This Week's Thrifting Finds

I have some fun treasures to share for today's edition of Treasure Trove Tuesday and I have a little surprise to share at the end! 😉

I hope you'll stick around to see what it is, I think you'll get a kick out of it at the very least!

Ok, so let's see what I found this week!

My latest thrifted treasures for the shop: www.littlevintagecottage.etsy.com!

Simple Boho Dining Table

Hello! I spent a little time this weekend creating a simple boho dining table and I thought it would be fun to share the steps I took to create it in a slide show with some awesome music (Olive Musique - California).

I hope you enjoy it, make sure you push the little speaker in the top left corner of the show for the music and then press the right arrow on the side of the picture to start the show... and make sure your speakers are on!!

My Backyard and Patio Decor

I am so ready for summer... grilling, gardening, enjoying the sunshine... that's my kind of living!

As soon as the weather started getting nice, I started sprucing up my backyard and patio and if you lived nearby I would have you over!

But since you don't live nearby, I can at least show you what it looks like!

Backyard and patio decor

Treasure Trove Tuesday - My Finds From The Farm Chicks Show

Sunday my mom and I went to The Farm Chicks Show! This show runs Saturday and Sunday, we always go on Saturdays but this year we decided to try going on Sunday. I'm so glad we did too, we'll be going on Sunday's from now on! We usually have to park what seems like miles away and there are so many people it's hard to get into the different booths. On Sunday we parked almost right up front and there weren't near as many people, it was so nice! I'm not worried about what we may have missed that sold on Saturday, many of the vendors brought out new stuff on Sunday and what I didn't see, I won't miss right?!

I went with a shopping list.

  1. Bad Art
  2. Boho Goodies
  3. Taxidermy

I found all the things on my list so this issue of TTT is dedicated to my Farm Chicks finds!

What I found at The Farm Chicks Show!

Half Bath Makeover Reveal

Finally... the moment you've been waiting for... I just know it! 😁 I'm ready to show my half bath makeover!

This has been a long time coming, I started this makeover waaay back in August of 2015. That's pretty embarrassing considering it's not even a whole room! 😳 Oh well, sometimes it takes awhile to get it just how you want it, am I right?!

I'll post links to all that's previously happened in this little space at the end so if you missed it, be sure to check those out.

A dated 1980's bathroom gets a sweet makeover!

DIY Wainscoting with CSI Wall Panels

Sponsored post.

Once upon a time, there was a small, ugly little half-bath. It got gutted and relieved of its ugly, dated 1980's remodel.

It got a fresh new paint job and then a new sink and vanity and a pretty tile backsplash. But it was still kind of sad, it seemed nothing could be done with its floors. Finally, one day, it got new floors and they were the happiest floors on the block.

But something was still missing. Finally, that missing something was discovered and now the little half-bath is as happy as can be! 😄

I know I've said it before but I am finally... finally ready to reveal my half-bath! Today I am sharing how I gave this bath a special wall treatment and then after that, I will share the whole reveal! Pinky swear!! 😁

How to create wainscoting with decorative wall panels

Upcycled Horse Trough Raised Garden - Weekend Yard Work Series

The weather has been really nice here in Washington State, it was almost 90 degrees today! And that means this sun loving girl was outside in it almost all day!

Aside from my normal yard work (mowing, edging, etc.) my dad and I used his truck to pull out a couple of overgrown leaf trap bushes in front of my house. Well... I should say we used the truck to loosen them because they would not come out without a little digging and cutting but they're out now!

Last year I worked really hard on the backyard landscaping and this year I'm excited to work on the front. If you'd like to see what I did to the backyard check out the posts here: Outdoor Living Areas. Scroll past the first few and you'll see the yard projects.

Today I also created a raised garden from a horse trough!

How to make a raised garden bed with a horse trough

How to Paint a Vintage Trailer for Under $60

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We have had several really nice days, weather wise, lately so we decided to paint my vintage trailer, Maizy!

How To Create a Small Office Space When You Have No Space

This post contains affiliate links.

Think you have no space for a real office? Think again!! Today I'm sharing my new small office space I created in the corner of my dining room.

How to create an office in a small home

Trash to Treasure Chair

Are you a dumpster diver or curbside furniture shopper? I want to be but there are two problems... 1) not a lot of people put old furniture out on the curb where I live... or if they do I don't know about it and 2) I am too embarrassed and scared to do it alone, I need a partner in crime!

BUT... one day on my way to work I saw a chair sitting next to some garbage cans. I go to work super early and it was still dark and not many other people are up and about so I turned around and quickly put the chair in the back of my truck. You would have thought I was robbing a bank the way I was acting 😁😁

Sadly, when it got light outside and I went out to my truck to inspect my new chair I realized it had a broken leg 😢

I decided to try to fix it.

Repairing a chair with a broken leg

Treasure Trove Tuesday - This Week's Thrifting Finds

Ready for another installment of Treasure Trove Tuesday (TTT)?!

This is where I share all the treasures I found for the week at garage sales, estate sales, and thrift shops along with what I paid for each item and the value I estimate for each item (or what I think I can resell it for 😉 because after all, when you are in the business of buying and reselling it's only worth what someone will pay for it am I right?)

What I found at the thrift stores!