Monday, February 8, 2016

Treasure Trove Tuesday - Trash to Treasure Projects

I don't have any new treasures to show you for this edition of Treasure Trove Tuesday but I DO have some trash to treasure projects! I'm trying to finish up some old projects that have been lying around for awhile. Today I'm sharing five small redo projects.

Here is a before shot of the first group of items ... a small spice rack, little notepad holder thingy, and some child size hangers.

Trash to Treasure Projects - Thrift Store Flips

I sprayed the notepad holder thingy white, distressed it a little bit and then found a postcard to slide into the glass front. This little thing is cool because you can change out the postcard anytime your little heart desires!

It would be cute with a vintage Christmas postcard and some holiday greenery inside don't you think?

The postcard I chose is actually from someone's business, I save all kinds of things and pretty business cards is one of those things!

Here is what the front and back looks like when it's not in the holder.

And here is the back side of this thing. It was just plain wood and the spray paint didn't look to good on it so I glued some birdcage scrapbook paper over the back.

I also sprayed the spice rack white and just distressed it a little bit. It would be sweet in a craft room holding vintage salt shakers full of pretty glitter!

I sprayed the child size hangers blue, pink, and yellow and then I used some stickers and stamping to dress them up a bit!

Here are some close ups. I have some baby clothes that I want to take to my space at the antique mall soon, these hangers will be cute to display them on! I have a total of 10 of these hangers that are all cutified!! :o)

Now here is the before of the next couple of items I worked on.

Let's all just say it together now... "EWWWWWWW!" Honestly, I don't know what ever possessed me to buy these hideous things. I scare myself sometimes... not to mention those closest to me :o/

But I thought rather than just turn around and give them back to Goodwill I'd at least give redoing them a shot!

Here is how they turned out... both with a coat of white spray paint.

I gotta say... they look better but still not great.

This would be cute(er) with a little plant inside...

And maaaayyyybbbbeeee... just maybe this would look better with flowers inside?

I have a couple more things I'm still working on, I hope to show those soon :o) These will either go down to my space at the antique mall or be listed in my Etsy shops.

Speaking of Etsy shops... the sale at {Little Vintage Cottage} is still going on! EVERYTHING in the shop is 50% off!

Friday, February 5, 2016

Another Booth Refresh!

The {children's play kitchen} in my space at the antique mall sold yesterday! The lady who purchased it is a brand new kindergarten teacher so lots of little kids will get to play with my kitchen set! :o)

Since that sold there was a big empty spot so I went down to give the space another refresh!

It seems like you guys like to see my booths and I never get tired of sharing! ;o)

The new piece I brought in is the green kitchen cupboard/hutch on the back wall.

The rest was just rearranging.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

I'm Featured!

My bedroom redo is featured on one of my favorite blogs, Thriftcore by Vanessa Alvarado. Come check it out!

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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Antique Mall Booth - The Second Space!

Yesterday I showed you my new, larger booth at the antique mall. Click {here} if you missed that post.

Now I'm back to show you how the other space looks now that we moved all of the white, shabby, rustic stuff into the new space.

My mom worked on this booth while I worked on the other. First I was taking everything from "her" booth then I started throwing in things that didn't fit in with the design of the new space! So basically she had to deal with all the left overs! lol! She did a wonderful job though, thanks Mom!! :o)

The green farmhouse table is still there...

She made cute little vignettes on the shelf!

And under the table...

Turning to the left...

She brought in one of her adorable hand-painted kid's chairs :o)

Now turning to the right... this is an old baby gate that she hung on the wall to use for displaying linens.

I brought in this plastic shelf from home just for some more display space. Hopefully people will notice what's on the shelves and not the shelves themselves until I can find a better solution.

We are still using the chair on the wall to display tablecloths.

Brought back the little green Aztec table.

I think it looks great!

You can see the other redos of this space here:

And here's the very first booth I started with:

February 27th will be my 1 year anniversary of being in the mall! The time has flown by! 

Monday, February 1, 2016

New Booth Space at Uptown Antiques!

I'm so excited! The day has finally arrived... the day I finally got to move into my new, larger space at the antique mall! It seemed like it took forever to get here! I've been plotting and planning how I wanted to decorate and set up my space in my head for weeks.

I actually didn't move spaces, it's more of an expansion... I now have two spaces! Today I'm going to show you the new space and I'll show you the redesigned old space tomorrow.

Antique mall booth

I know you're dying to see it and I'm dying to show it to you but first I want to show you what it looked like before I moved in.

Most of the spaces in the mall are just square or rectangle boxes but this one has a little more character than that!

Here it is literally moments after the old tenants moved out, I didn't even wait for them to get their last piece of furniture out!

I bought this cool ladder from them and told them to just leave it right where it is across the top of the booth.

The part of the booth that adds character is this funny little cubbyhole in the wall. It's weird, it has a piece of glass in the back and that is the ugly back of the neighboring booth's pegboard. I thought of a fun way to cover up the ugly view and I'll show you the transformation in just a moment.

This picture is kind of blurry (sorry) but it shows how I painted the space. I decided to paint it the same as my other space which is directly across from this one.

A chalkboard back wall and "cake batter" colored side walls.

Then I put up two old screen doors on either side of the booth.

I purchased the screens from the previous tenants too. Here is what they looked like before. I just LOVED how beat up they are! The cool old hardware is still on them, the screens are rusty and ripped up a little as you can see in the bottom right picture of the collage below.

I just attached them to the booth side walls with L-brackets. We can come out an additional 2 feet past the side walls too so by attaching these doors I have little "front porches"! :o)

Now for the cubbyhole transformation! Is it weird to get so excited about a hole in the wall?!

First I painted inside of course and then I tore some pages out of an old book and just taped them onto the glass to cover the ugly back of the neighbor's pegboard.

Then I hung this adorable little light! There were originally two of these swag lights that hung together, my dad helped me rewire them into separate lights. The other one is in my other booth.

And finally, I made a rustic fence board frame for the cubbyhole! EEK! I just LOVE how this turned out! Wait till you see how I decorated it!

Now... here's the big reveal!!!

I was standing in my other booth to take this picture. You can see we also added white icicle lights hanging from the ladder. THAT was a pain! First I stapled through the wire, then one of the lights decided to stick itself into one of the holes in the pegboard and then broke off... none of the lights worked, 3/4 of them worked, none, half, etc., etc. We finally got almost all of them to work and we just hid the rest behind some tulle fabric in a corner.

This is one of my little "front porch" areas outside the screen.

I'll just show you around from left to right. So this is on the other side of that screen. The non-working icicle lights are hid behind that fabric in the corner.

The crates were moved over from my other space.

The rustic white filing cabinet went into the corner and the Valentine tree is on top.

Here's a sweet little vignette on top, next to the tree.

The crib mattress springs were also moved over to this space and I added a rustic fence board shelf above.

Here is the chalkboard wall.

I brought in another ladder to use as a display piece. I attached galvanized buckets to some of the ladder rungs and filled them with linens and stuff for people to dig through.

I just used zip ties and attached the rope handles of the bins to the ladder.

Here's a peek inside. I've been sorting through all my stuff in my craft studio in preparation for a redo of that room so I decided to get rid of some of the hoards of lace and trims that I had.

I just finished this piece... it started out life as a wooden toy box that I got at a garage sale years ago for $3. This is it's second paint job. It's kind of hard to see but it's a Union Jack flag in shades of white.

Now... that cubby!!!

I tucked a crate into the left side and an old radio on the right and then filled in with old jewelry boxes, a topiary, player piano rolls, etc.

You can see some signs I made out of more fence boards hanging above the cubbyhole and leaning against the wall below.

The white corner shelf got moved over from my other space too...

Along with the mosquito netting canopy and white rocking chair.

And here is my other "front porch" area. My new locking case for smalls is on top of the little rolling typewriter stand and a couple of blankets are on the bottom.

And this is in the very center of the booth... another basket with goodies to dig through!

What do you think? I love how it turned out!

Stay tuned to see the other, smaller space! My mom redid it while I was working on this one! We are a great team!