DIY Reclaimed Fence Board Shelf

For today's project I am using up some more of the old fence boards left over from replacing my fence. I made a cute, rustic shelf for my living room using these reclaimed boards and some brackets and a shelf I already had on hand.

reclaimed fence board shelf

Here's how I made it... very simple actually...

I picked out some of the... ummm... nicer? boards and cut them to the length I wanted.

I wanted my shelf to be 32" tall and about 24" wide for the wall this is going to be hung on.

Then I used a couple more scraps of wood for my cross braces.

If you are going to make one I would suggest using the thinnest scraps you can find. If you used 2x4's for your cross pieces your shelf will stick out from the wall quite a bit when you hang it (not to mention it will be heavier).

Then I screwed my fence boards to the cross braces from the front... I didn't even use matching screws... just whatever I could find! Don't judge... we're going rustic here!! :o)

Then I drew my pattern on the top and used a jig saw to cut along the lines.

I just free handed it and it's not perfect by any means. If you want perfect then draw 1/2 of your design on paper and trace around that onto the boards, flip it over and draw the other half... I am far too lazy to do that!

Then I sanded it a little bit and added my shelf brackets. I had these rusty old brackets in my pile of valuable junque, they used to be hanging on the old fence that I took down!

The white shelf is a scrap that was trimmed off of a longer shelf.

I really wanted a boxwood wreath like those I've been seeing all over blogland lately but couldn't find one locally and am too impatient and cheap to buy one and pay anywhere from $30 to $60 for one and then wait a week or more for it to arrive!  So I made my own version!

I found the greenery at Hobby Lobby. It's not boxwood... I think it's supposed to look like Thyme... whatever it is I thought it was really pretty and whispy looking. It came in a garland and was 50% off. I also bought a grapevine wreath for the base. Then I made a hanger from a strip of burlap!

Then I shopped my own house and found this little vintage green fan and a little jelly jar glass that had twine wrapped around it and a bag full of tea-lites!

I really love how simple and rustic it looks!

What it cost:
Fence boards - FREE! (left over from replacing my fence)
Shelf brackets - FREE! (they were hanging on the old fence)
Shelf - FREE! (Scrap cut off of another shelf)
Grapevine wreath - $3.99 (Hobby Lobby)
Greenery garland - $7.50 (50% off at Hobby Lobby)

Total - $11.49 for new reclaimed fence board shelf and pretty wreath


  1. It looks very nice! The shelf and wreath are perfect!

  2. I love the new shelf! It turned out really great! I am kicking myself now for not buying something at the flea market yesterday! A guy was selling two of those little metal framed houses like you have sitting on your sofa table. My hubby asked me what I would do with one if I bought it and I wasn't sure so I passed it by! Man, I wish now I had bought one. I love how you have displayed yours...:) Your living room looks just amazing...just the right mix of old and new, rustic and modern! Oh....and Roxanne is adorable...:)

    Blessings, Vicky


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