Altered Valentine's Day Book - Finished!

Let's see where did we leave off? You can see the first two posts about my altered Valentine's Day book here:

It's finished now! Here are some more pictures:

 The little hearts you see stamped all over the pages are made with an empty toilet paper tube, I just cut an end off, bent it into a heart shape and dipped it in paint!

 The Puppy love page has a piece of vintage German scrap with a little boy hugging his dogs! The page on the right has a window cut into the center so you can see through to the next page.

 Some more heart stamps!

 This portrait actually came out of a picture frame that I bought at a thrift store, I added some rhinestones to her earrings and gave her some hat pins! On the right is a large vintage Valentine card. It is so pretty with a puffy satin heart in the center.

 The inside of the card... never even signed...

 I made a simple little felt heart with lace trim and a huge rhinestone from an old belt in the center.

I thought this photograph of some men boxing would be fun, I stamped "I'll Fight For You"! lol! On the right is a little love fairy!

 Another vintage wedding photograph, I gave her a new bouquet :o) The February calendar from 1952 was on the back of one of the scraps that was originally in the book! On the right I used scraps from some of the hearts I used in other parts of the book.

I gave this soldier a new sign that says "I love you"... his old sign was ugly and said "Merry Christmas love Leo". Adaptable fellow isn't he?!

 On the left is another vintage valentine and on the right I glued a piece of pink tulle to the inside back of the book with vintage buttons and added a fun tag I made.

 And here's the very back where I signed and dated my work! :o)

Here is the book all put together. I took out the old string and used some cute XOXO ribbon to bind the book along with a wooden skeleton key. I also added a glittery book plate and a scrap of paper that says "I love you" and surrounded the "Scrapbook" with a circle of vintage sheet music!

Here is the side view... look how stuffed! Doesn't it just make you want to flip through!!?? I have the book listed on eBay right now.

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