7 Days of Thrift Shop Flips - Day 2

Today is day 2 of 7 Days of Thrift Shop Flips in honor of National Thrift Shop Day!

Thrift Shop Flips in Honor of National Thrift Shop Day

For today's project, I made mermaids!!

It started with these little dolls, a bag of paper mache mix, and some sculpting tools.

I also used some aluminum foil and old newspaper to make the base for the tails.

I folded over the top of my piece of aluminum foil several times to make it a little sturdier then started rolling up my doll in it to begin the base of her tail.

Then I added some crumpled paper to fill it out a little as I rolled.

Rolling, rolling, rolling... get that dolly rolling... 😁

And scrunching and shaping as I went.

Then I taped the tail in place.

Then I mixed up the paper mache following the directions on the bag and started covering the aluminum foil armature.

I'm sorry, I didn't take any pictures as I was doing this because my hands were covered in wet paper mache!!

This is after they dried for about a week. I thought it took an awfully long time for it to dry. I've never used this stuff before but if I try this again I would try mixing it a little drier I think.

I then painted their tails and started playing around with different trims to dress them up.

They got tiny little shell bras. My mermaids are modest 😉

And they got belly button rhinestones.

I made their crowns from an empty toilet paper tube. The collage below shows the steps. Once they were formed and glued I painted them and then added glitter.

I also added little pearl earrings.

Tomorrow's project involves these cool baking pans!



  1. The dolls are a little creepy, so I can't wait until tomorrow's project.

  2. Ok so I will not lie, when I saw the dolls on your last post I was a bit skeptical-----and scared. Yet again your talents and creative mind blow me away woman! Brilliant! I so want to have a craft day with you. You should start to have seminars.

  3. They're adorable! Do you have a ribbon hanger on them? I thought it looked like it in one photo. You should find shadow box frames to fit them and create underwater or beach scenes for them to inhabit. (Just a thought!)

  4. These are pretty clever! I would never think of making mermaids, but I love your creativity in dressing & embellishing them Tania.

  5. These are so darn cute! I never would have thought of that. Can't wait to see tomorrow's.


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