Upcycled Tray Stand - Thrift Shop Flip

My mom and I packed up everything that was left of my booths at the antique mall last Thursday. Despite having 25%, 50%, and then 75% off sales all month long there was still quite a bit to pack up and bring home. Two truck loads!

Needless to say, my semi-hoarded garage before now looks like a full-on episode from the TV show hoarders complete with a skinny little pathway through it all! 😧 We are planning to have an end-of-season garage sale at the end of the month though and I am determined to get that garage cleaned up and organized once and for all!

While I was trying to make room in the garage for the stuff from the booths I found a Rubbermaid bin full of project pieces that I had forgotten about out there so this project is an upcycle project from two pieces I found in that bin.

How to make a pretty little dessert tray from thrift store finds!

Here are my two things that I found amongst the items in that bin.

A cute little tin tray with a scalloped edge and a... a... well, I don't know what it is! It looks like a candle holder but it is not, the top is too small and there is nothing to hold a candle in place (like a lip to keep it from slipping off or a spike to stab into a candle). But the little upholstery tacks all over it reminded me of vintage hobnail glass!

This project is embarrassingly easy! Just drill a hole through the center of the tray and then screw it to the thingymajig!

Then paint it the color of your choice! I chose white to bring out that hobnaily feel!! Done and done!!

It would be cute to hold desserts or candles.

Or to make a cute little fall display!

I put two of the little 4x4 block pumpkins I made on it and added a little fall foliage. It would be cute as a table centerpiece!

You can see how I made the pumpkins here: Trash to Treasure - Scrap Wood Boho Pumpkins

What would you use this little tray for?


  1. I like your tray stand and the hobnail glass look. I'd probably have put the wide end of the stand at the bottom, but it looks great your way. I'm suffering from garage sale leftover clutter while awaiting my daughter's upcoming yard sale. After that it goes to the thrift shop (from whence some of it came). We can only manage one day sales, it seems.

  2. That studded piece sure is interesting. Gotta wonder what it was in it's former life, however now that it's painted white, it does resemble hobnail. The marriage between the two pieces makes a great display piece. I'm catching up on your blog, are you leaving the antique mall for good?


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