Decorating for the Seasons with Vignettes

21 October
If you're like me, you may struggle with getting your house decorated for every single holiday and season. I get a little disheartened sometimes when I see all the beautiful home tours for each special event.

decorating with vignettes

I haven't done ANY decorating for Halloween and since it is only 10 days away now, I doubt I will!

But I still really want to decorate... just not the whole house! But swooping in to save the day... vignettes!

It's very easy to get a little corner, a mantle or shelf, or a tabletop decorated with a vignette instead!

Here is one, very small vignette in my dining room as an example.

In one corner of my dining room I brought in a bright orange, vintage folding chair.

I put a vintage locker basket on the seat and filled it with some dollar store pumpkins that I spray painted white and cream along with a couple artificial flower stems.

The orange chair is perfect for fall all the way through Halloween.

...You could add something aimed more toward Halloween as the holiday gets closer.

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