Finished Firepit Lounge Area - Weekend Yard Work Series

11 May
This weekend I worked on finishing up my fire pit/patio area :o) Here it is!

Here it is before.

I bought some flagstone from a favorite local garden store and a few bags of paver sand from Home Depot and got started laying my flagstone patio.

In an effort to save money I spaced them out pretty far apart. I would have liked them tighter with more pieces but I just couldn't afford it at the moment, that stuff is kinda spendy! I also didn't put any underneath the fire pit to make the most of what I bought.

After getting the "patio" done and the sand all spread around I put my tree stumps back to use as seats... seats that can stay there all the time, I'm not big on putting stuff away :o/

I bought a couple of ready-made outdoor chair cushions to make them a little more comfy on your tushy and I added an old crate between them to use as a table.

I made the little solar lights after seeing this tutorial from Shanty Insanity!

This is all you need to make your own: glass light shades (I found mine at St. Vincent de Paul thrift store), small solar lights, wire, wire cutters, and E-6000 glue!

I don't think I would have these fancy light shades in my house... they are just a tad too formal for me... but in the garden? Oh yah, perfect! :o)

So basically all you do is make yourself a wire hanger...

Take the stick part off the solar light and glue it right inside the top of the shade, they fit perfectly! I found my Shepard's hooks at Fred Meyer.

I have four of the little solar lights around the back half of the fire pit patio area. And see my log carrier?!

I found it at Goodwill and knew it would be the perfect accent out here!

Then after all that hard work (which doesn't look like all that much work but trust me... it was more than you would think), I took a shower and then invited a friend over for s'mores!! I don't know about you but we eat our s'mores from a silver tray!

Here are some pictures after dark while we were enjoying the fire.

I've had the metal firepit for 2 years the bag it came in... and I've been dying to use it so I'm so happy to have a new firepit loung area done!

Here I am! Roasting my marshmallow! :o)

And here are my cute little solar lights all lit up!

I still have plans for building something behind the fire pit area... and of course the rest of the landscaping around it... that will make it look so much better... stay tuned!

Here is my cost breakdown for my new fire pit patio:

Bricks around the perimeter - free, stole them from the front yard!
Flagstone - about $92.00
Paver sand - 4 bags at 3.99/bag = $15.96
Log seats - free, left over from my cherry tree
Cushions for log seats - about $20.00 for two at Fred Meyer
Shepard's hooks for solar lights - 4 at $3.99/each = $15.96 at Fred Meyer
Glass light shades for solar lights - 4 at .98 cents each = $3.92 at St. Vincent de Paul Thrift
Solar lights - 3 at .97 cents each = $2.91 at Wal-mart (I already had the 4th one)
Fire pit - already had
Log carrier - $4.98 at Goodwill

Grand total: $155.73 (give or take a few cents!)

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  1. Oh Tania! It turned out great. I love it! The log holder is great...the stump seats...all of it! I actually made some of those lights last summer and posted them on my blog. So simple, cheap, and cute! And a perfect way to repurpose those ceiling fan globes. Have a wonderful week...Vicky


  2. That turned out lovely! =)

  3. It looks fantastic, you have worked so hard. The stumps with cushions are a brilliant idea.

  4. love the whole transformation!
    And the log holder...I'm definitely stealing that idea..we are in the middle of a firepit reno & that is a great idea!!

  5. Great job! Looks so inviting - enjoy!!

  6. Looks great ... I bought a fire pit once and never used it. Sold it and now I wish I had it back.
    I just packed up some light shades just like yours to donate to ReStore ... I think I will copy your idea and make solar light instead. Thanks for the neat ideas.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures


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