Raised Planter Bed & Landscaping - Weekend Yard Work Series

I'm still working on my backyard and making pretty good progress I think! I created a raised bed planter in the corner behind the fire pit area.

Raised Planter Bed

And out of all the projects I've done so far I think it may have been one of the least expensive, it was only about $37.00 not including the plants!

I also fixed up the side to the right of the fire pit area.

First let's see a couple of before shots.

If you'll look closely you can see the remains of some old concrete edging where apparently the edge of the lawn used to be?

So, I moved it over close to the fence. It was in sections but what a pain that was! It's heavy and awkward and some of it was connected together with rebar but it's out of the way now.

And after... see it back there against the fence now?

I added my new/old windmill that I shared here: Treasure Trove Tuesday - Vintage Pickin'.

And planted some purple sage (I think that's what it's called) and ornamental grasses.

Put my old barn door that I got on one of my trips to the dump in the corner along with my old lawn mower (which does work by the way but is a LOT of work!)

Next I'll be sharing my cleaned up patio and deck!

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