Front Stoop Makeover - Weekend Yard Work Series

29 June
This weekend I worked a little on my front yard. It has been pretty neglected so far this year! Today I'm sharing my front stoop makeover with recycled planters.

Front Stoop Makeover

I had these old, ugly, outdated planters that my neighbor gave me last year.

I almost threw them away but instead I thought I'd try a makeover first!

I cleaned them up a little and spray painted them with some grey spray paint!

I think it made a world of difference!

The plants in them don't look like much right now because they are from the clearance section at Fred Meyer. Have you ever bought plants on clearance? Usually they are just done blooming for awhile so they don't sell because people can't see what they'll look like when they bloom again... or they need to be pruned or something.

I buy them all the time and within no time they look just as beautiful as they first did!

My front door got a fresh coat of barn red paint. The roof is shingled with red shingles so I thought it would look nice to have a matching red door!

When I had my house painted I took off the old, ugly house numbers and decided to paint the numbers on the steps in the same paint color as the door instead!

What do you think?

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  1. The flower pots look great, but I am in love with the squirrel feeder! That is so adorable. I like your little chair even better than the inspiration picture. Hopefully the squirrels will use it and I hpe you can snap a pic if they do! Too cute...:) Have a wonderful week.

    Blessings, Vicky

  2. Your flower pots look fantastic! I love buying clearance plants. Some of my best roses were clearance roses and now they look wonderful. When I first bought them not so much...Love your squirrel feeder. I have the hardest time keeping them out of my bird feeders. We have two black squirrels that make their home in our maple trees. Blessings and sunshine, Valerie


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