Backyard Cleanup at the New Place - Weekend Yard Work Series

13 October
Hi everyone! I'm back with another weekend yard work post... only at my new cottage on 2nd avenue... which needs a LOT of yard work by the way ;o) This weekend I worked on some of the backyard and the back patio area.

First let's take a look at some before shots.
 There were still some boxes sitting around from the move...
 Things sitting here and there... but not where they are supposed to be!
A stack of patio chair cushions but no patio chairs in sight! And a garbage bag full of fabric that still needs to be put away in my new craft studio.
Just pretty much a mess as far as the eye can see! :o)
And the flower bed area had been taken over by weeds and crab grass :o(

Now how about we see some prettier after shots!
 The boxes are finally all unpacked and everything (well most everything) is put away! yay!
The cushions have been washed and now have chairs in which to sit! And check out my new rug! I found it at Fred Meyer on sale and I just love it!
 I decided to use my pallet coffee table I made a couple of years ago outside instead of inside now.

This is a very long, skinny patio so I have several seating areas, here is the 2nd area with two rocking patio chairs and my coffee table made from painted tires!
And here is the third!
 Here is a look back down the patio.
And remember all that crab grass?? I used my awesome little roto tiller and took care of all that ugliness!
I think it's going to be so fun to plant this area next spring!
For now I just set a few pots, a little rusty truck that used to be in my craft room, and a log that was in the yard in the corner.
And I put my little mushrooms on the other end. I have not cleaned up the rest of the flower bed yet, it took me ALL. DAY. just to get half of it done. Luckily the rest isn't loaded with weeds!
Just this little bit of clean up has made such an improvement! And if the weather continues to hold up I may be able to squeeze in a couple more weekend yard work posts!
Oh! I almost forgot!
I set up my little garden shed over in the corner of the yard next to the tiny apple tree! I'll have to learn how to take care of an apple tree. It had quite a bit of fruit on it when I moved in but they almost all had bugs in them :o(

And do you remember this little chicken feeder planter at my old house? Well the plant on the left is a potato vine... it grew and grew and GREW. It finally started to wither and when I pulled it out of the planter...
LOOK at what it made!!!
Who knew?! I sure didn't know that they would really grow potatoes... did you? Am I the only one that didn't know this? Can I cook them and eat them?

Let's have one more look at those before and after shots shall we?







Hope you all had a nice weekend!

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  1. Oh so much happier! Why does the one set of steps have a railing and the other doesn't??? If you don't have to have that railing, I'd get rid of it... just my 2 cents - you know I can't help myself!!! Love your new patio! xox

  2. Huge difference. You will love it come summer.

  3. It looks fantastic! Lots of work, but the end result is beautiful!

  4. are just a bundle of energy! You have done so much since moving. I love your new backyard and your patio looks fabulous! About the potatoes...I have no idea if you can eat them, but they do look edible. Weird! Hope you have a fantastic week...Vicky


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