Landscaping With Berms and Mounds - Part II - Weekend Yard Work Series

31 May
Last weekend I worked on creating a berm or mound (whatever name you prefer!) in my backyard out of a pile of weeks, ashes, and rocks. You can see that post here:Landscaping with Berms and Mounds - Part I.

adding berms and mounds to landscaping

This weekend I got a load of rocks, 1/2 a yard was all my mid-size pickup could manage and it was almost enough to cover the mound, I need just a tad more but after hauling wheelbarrow after wheelbarrow and shoveling it all into said wheelbarrow and then dumping and raking it into place all by myself I was too beat to go get any more!

It's still not looking as good as I'd like it to look but I think it's because the fence looks so crappy. I think once I get that fixed up it will look much better :o)

Let's have a little before and after action shall we?!




I used some of the large rocks that are lining the bottom of the fence as a temporary edging around the mound to keep the smaller rocks out of the grass.

I've decided that this year's series of Weekend Yard Work posts are going to be a "Use What You Have and Work With What You've Got" theme.

This berm/mound project is a perfect example. The prior homeowners left me a lovely pile 'o crap in the backyard which I have made the best of and used to make a pretty mound to create interest in my backyard.

To do this I used some weed blocker fabric and a package of the metal pins that they sell to secure it to the ground. I already had both of these items but then when I ran out of the pins I went to my garden shed and hunted around for something else I could use and I found a handful of the ends off of solar lights that I had saved for some unknown reason.

So if you pull out that little black, plastic piece you are left with this.

And that black, plastic piece with its pointy end worked just great to finish securing the fabric to the ground!

Then I used the rocks from my yard to line the edges of the mound.

And the rocks on the mound and the little rock wall around the yellow flowering bush are also from the yard.

So that piece of wood along the bottom of the fence will get moved but it will have to wait until I fix up my fence first otherwise my neighbor will end up with some of my rocks in her yard!

So for this Weekend Yard Work project all I bought was the crushed basalt rock at $28.78 for 1/2 yard and the plants at approximately $50 for 5 plants. Everything else I had!

Another plan I have for my yard that goes along with the "Use What You Have and Work With What You've Got" theme is:
I have all kinds of other plans but I'm not sure how many I'll get done this year so we'll just play the rest by ear ok? :o)

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  1. Wow Tania! It's looking so good. I love that little yellow flowering topiary plant. We worked in our yard here today picking up limbs, raking, mowing down weeds, etc. Nothing fun or pretty yet, but we will get there. My yard is just so darn big! We have lots of projects on the list this summer and I hope we accomplish most of them! Have a great week...:)

  2. Sweet!! Nice job - have a wonderful week!

  3. It looks fabulous! Nice transformation of a pile 'o crap!

  4. Looking good Lady! That was a lot of work. :)

    1. Thanks and it sure was a lot of work! lol!


  5. I'm running a little late to the party, but I wanted to tell you how much I like your rock border. Using what you have is the way to go! Enjoy!


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