River Rock Flower Beds - Weekend Yard Work Series

I've been working on my backyard almost all weekend!! Friday I went to the nursery and picked up 1/2 yard of medium size river rock, Saturday I went and picked up another 1/2 yard of the same rock (my truck will only hold about 1/2 yard at a time) and I worked on the long slender flower beds that run the length of my back patio.

River Rock Flower Beds

Here are some before and after shots.

This was right after I bought the house last fall. Egad... look at all that crab grass!

I cleaned all that up last year and was left with this... better... but still not complete.

This is what it looks like now. Boy that was a lot of back-breaking work... shoveling and hauling wheelbarrow after wheelbarrow full of rocks but I think it really paid off!



How about some detail shots now?

Once I was all done with the hard work I got to play around with the fun stuff! I put my fountain here in the corner just because it's closest to a plug-in! You can see the cord there on the right. I'm planning to pin it down along the patio edge there so you won't even notice it.

And my little pot man I made here: Terracotta Pot Man sits nearby.

I put my pallet walkway back down...

And my little yard sale deer sits in front of the Old Stump Succulent Planter that I planted the hens and chick in along with my birdbath and even though you can't see it there is a bird feeder hanging above. I love to watch the little birds eat and get a drink! And I put the concrete garden spheres that I made here: DIY Concrete Garden Spheres next to the birdbath.

I hung the "RELAX" sign I made here: Patio Lounging Areas on the post.

And there are my fun mushrooms I made here: DIY Wooden Bowl Mushrooms and the solar lights made from glass lamp shades that I made here: Finished Fire Pit.

I had some left over river rock so I cleaned up this area...

And put the left overs here.

I'm so happy with my progress in my back yard so far but I've got a LOT of work ahead of me.

I hope everyone had a restful and/or productive weekend!