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22 August
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About a month ago I shared the progress I've made on my backyard this year. I created a dry river bed for some added interest and planted some new trees and plants. You can see that post here if you missed it and want to catch up: Backyard Landscaping Progress - Dry River Bed.

Well, I've done some more work recently and finished landscaping the border that runs along the back fence between the arborvitae.

Landscaping borders ideas for your yard

So, first let's see a few before pictures. My twisted filbert tree was so overgrown and super crazy looking!!

And there were random rocks lying here and there and the weeds had almost taken over.

Roxanne liked it though... here's the old great white (more like grey haired) hunter lying in wait! Ha!

I pulled out all the rocks. When I bought my house back in September of 2014 the entire back fence was lined with rocks like these. They were there to hide the gaping holes under the old, rickety fence... this year I had a new fence installed and have been reusing all the rocks in other areas. I used some to create the dry river bed and some to hide the concrete supports under the pergola. You can see the pergola fix-up here: Backyard Pergola Fix-Up. This is the last of all those rocks!

Here is what this area looks like now!

I got another 1/2 yard of black rock...

Trimmed up the cray-cray twisted filbert bush...

And moved my flower wheelbarrow over and added a new gazing ball.

The base for the gazing ball is a repurposed piece. I found a new/old birdbath at a thrift store to replace the wimpy one I had before... that's it in the background there, the bowl is on the ground next to it.

I picked a blue Garden Treasures Glass Gazing Ball.

I just flipped the birdbath base upside down and nestled the ball between what were the feet!

Over on the right side of the arborvitae trees were more unruly weeds and a piece of curbing that was cut from another section when they built my gate... it was in the way of the gate opening so they cut the curbing back a little.

I reused it over here to divide this section from the other part of the backyard where the pergola sits. I have other plans for that area soon!

I bought some perennials in Fred Meyer's clearance section to plant between the arborvitae, they will have pretty little pink flowers.

In other parts of the yard...

I bought a bag of Pea Gravel and added it to the river rock in the dry river bed to give it a more natural feel.

And I planted some more plants along the "banks of the river"! I got all the grasses lining the sides for only $1 each in the clearance section at Lowe's.

And the plants that I had planted before are doing great and growing big already!

The hanging baskets that I planted for the pergola are also doing great and filling in nicely. :o)

I found this awesome tree sculpture The Spirit of Nottingham Woods: Greenman Tree Sculpture to watch over my yard! I can see him from the kitchen and dining room.

I hope over time he will start to match the tree a little better. I'm planning to touch up the screws a little so they won't show as much too.

So here's another before/mid-way shot...

And after...

And a few parting shots!

Pongo enjoying the cool grass :o)

I have one last project that I'd like to squeeze in this year but I'm not sure I'm going to make it! We'll see!

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  1. Your yard looks amazing. What a ton of work you did. My body hurts just thinking about it.

    1. Lol! It was/is a ton of work but it's so rewarding seeing it take shape from a neglected, weed filled yard to a thing of beauty!


  2. Your yard looks really wonderful Tania. I love that you reused the old birdbath base for your gazing ball. That was pure genius.

  3. You've totally transformed the yard from a crabby weed patch to a thing of beauty! It looks awesome!

  4. Yes it does look awesome!! Like a professional landscaper did it! Flipping that birdbath base over was smart. Now you have a wide base of support for your ball. You have really prettied up your yard. You can enjoy it & it's good for resale value.

    1. Wow, what a great compliment Florence! Thank you :o)


  5. Damn you were busy, I know how exhausting that is to do! The end result is amazing :D

    1. Thanks Vanessa, I was busy but to me it's rewarding work even though it is exhausting like you said!



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