Christmas Decorating - A Putz House Table Centerpiece

I spent most of the day today decorating for Christmas and cleaning up after myself... boy it's sure messy to decorate the house for the holidays!

I have a pre-lit tree... well... it used to be pre-lit anyway! When I got it out today and plugged it in there were no lights! Zip, nadda, zilch! The tree is lit in sections and once I started taking the lights off so I could purchase new lights I found that it was only the bottom section that didn't work so I was able to just remove that section and spread the remaining lights out. Sounds like an easy enough task but with pre-lit trees every 2" of light strand is actually wired to the branch (2" might be an exaggeration but sure it felt like it!)

I managed to get the rest of the house decorated and the tree is up but not decorated yet.

Today I wanted to share my table centerpiece. I didn't buy anything new for this except the snow and it was a thrift store find!

Dreamy white table centerpiece

I started with the vintage silver ball wreath which I found at an antique store several years ago, it is one of my favorite Christmas decorations😍

Then I added my grandma's glass cake stand in the center.

Then I added a small wood slice to give my little vignette different levels.

I've had the Putz houses for a long time, I picked out just the white ones for this centerpiece and added in some white bottle brush trees, a larger feather tree, and the snow!

Then I added some white candles, a paper book tree, and a tiny snowman on the table beside the vignette.

And then sprinkled the snow all around.

I love how it turned out!

I also added a shelf and vintage coat hooks on the wall next to my free-form plate display. I found the coat hooks at a garage sale with the intention of using it in my antique booth to display things but as it sometimes happens... I thought it looked better in my house!! Ha ha!

It's just a piece of old molding with some old hooks screwed into it, I think I paid $1 for it. I like the rustic look it has. I hung a pretty floral decoration and my childhood stocking on it 😄

The '25' numbers are just paper mache numbers from Hobby Lobby that I painted white and then glittered, the wreath is made from large pom-poms glued to an embroidery hoop, the little fire truck was a yard sale find last year. I filled a jar with old red Christmas lights, and the tree is a new Tuesday Morning find.

I'll show more decor pictures soon, have you gotten any decorating done yet?


Linzey said...

I love all the pretty and serene. I cleaned yesterday after decorating but there is glitter everywhere! Tis the season.....

Nancy Carroll said...

The white theme is beautiful! Of course, i love putz houses, so this is right up my alley. The red in the wall arrangement really gives it a pop! Very festive looking!

Kathleen said...

I love the centerpiece! And I think I might have to steal that red bulb idea:) xoKathleen

Tuula @ Thrifty Rebel Vintage said...

It's lovely Tania! The Putz houses are perfect and that silver ornament wreath makes such a nice frame for the centrepiece. I just started decorating this past weekend and I'm keeping it pretty simple so I can sit back and enjoy the season.

Kimberley Seasideave said...

It's all so beautiful Tania! I love Putz houses and your centerpiece is perfect! I love that you used your Grandma's cake stand, that makes it special! Love the shelf and how you decorated it - using the big number 25 was a great idea! Love the molding board with the hooks and your childhood stocking is the perfect touch - I hope it gets filled up on Christmas Eve!! ;)
Hugs, Kimberley

Brenda@Cozy Little House said...

Oh, how completely adorable! Pinned!

Tania said...

Thank you Brenda!


Tania said...

Thanks Kimberley! I hope Santa fills my stocking too!


Tania said...

I didn't get out all of my Christmas decor and last year I downsized quite a bit in an effort to keep it more simple. It is just me after all but I still like to have a pretty home :o)


Tania said...

Thanks Kathleen! I found a box full of those old bulbs at a thrift store, you might be able to find some there if you don't already have some :o)


Tania said...

Thanks! I know, I was thinking about you and your Putz houses as I was creating this!


Tania said...

Yep... glitter everywhere here too! ha ha! Thanks for stopping by Linzey!


Cassie Bustamante said...

this looks so pretty, tanya! and i LOVE those chairs!

Tania said...

Thanks! I found those chairs at a garage sale over the summer, they were only $8 for all for of them!!