Repurposed Toy Truck Condiment Carrier

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Now that my outdoor dining area is coming together I have another project to show you... I think you'll really like it 😉

Remember that old, rusty toy truck I showed at the end of my last post?

Well, it has been repurposed and has a whole new, useful life... as a condiment carrier for the table!!

How to repurpose an old toy truck into a condiment carrier for the table!
I have had this little truck for many, many years. I think it was my dad's but I'm not positive about that... at any rate, it is old!

I never really knew what to do with it... I just knew it was cute... so it sat outside in the garden for years.

Here it is before the repurpose... holding a planter with nothing in it and sporting bird poop on the hood... poor little truck 😟

I think it must have had a trailer at one point.

The cab was a little crooked and smashed... but the wheels still turn like new!

I cleaned it all up and straightened the cab up. Then I made it into a flatbed!

After staining the wood I sprayed the whole thing (except the tires) with a coat of Clear Sealer Spray Paint. I like the sheen it put on the truck and the "Allstate" decal on the door stands out so much better now.

Side note: when I saw the word Allstate I thought maybe this little truck wasn't that old after all but I did a quick Google search for Allstate history and discovered that it was founded in 1931! And interestingly it was started by the president of Sears, Roebuck & Company. It was the first company to sell auto insurance by mail. The first policy holder in May of 1931 paid $41.60 for a 12-month policy on a 1930 Studebaker. I wish the prices were like that now!!

I glued a couple of old bolts on the back end and then glued the new wood flatbed onto them to keep the wood from rubbing on the wheels.

That's called MacGyver-ing at it's finest... it's a very handy trait I learned from my dad 😂😂

And now it is a super cute, useful condiment carrier!!

It's been so hot here I haven't actually eaten at my table yet but just as soon as it cools off a little bit I will! In the meantime, I had fun playing with setting the table today!

I found the plastic dishes on clearance at Fred Meyer.

I made the placemats from some plain white ones that I got at a thrift store. I've had them for a few years now in my stash, waiting for a makeover.

Here is how I gave them a quick ombre look... I bought a package of Dark Green Rit Dye... but it turned out blue and I'm happy with that!

I just dipped the ends of each placemat into the dye for a minute or two and then let them dry in the sun.

Here is how they looked before.

Back to the table.

I've had the table top chalk board for a few years, this one is cute too: 10 Inch Mini Tabletop A-Frame Wood Chalkboard Sign

When I do finally get to eat out here the little truck can hold Ketchup, mustard, salt & pepper, etc.

I found the little lemon salt & pepper set in the basket on clearance at Pier One. Amazon has a cute set too here: Lemon Salt and Pepper Set by Appletree Design

And last but not least, I found some little battery operated twinkle lights at Target for my umbrella.

They look so pretty at night 😍

And the best part about these lights???

They are teeny-tiny little cactus plants!!!

They are only $5.99 and you can purchase them online here: Cactus String Lights.

I wish you could come join me for dinner and drinks on the patio!!

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VintageSouthernPicks said...

Hi Tania! Can you believe? Here I am FINALLY on Disqus! Took me an hour to get it done...back & forth with trying to get the verification email to work.
Love the little truck conversion idea! Love the chalkboard sign, the mini-lights, and the placemats too. Just dipping the ends in colored the whole mat? Anyway, they turned out so cute! Wish I could come over & we could "set a spell." Ha! Southern expression. It's awfully hot here too.

Nancy Carroll said...

The truck looks sooo much better now! Great idea to add the flatbed surface. Your outdoor dining area looks fun and inviting!

Vicky Hunt said...

That is just adorable! The little Allstate logo does stand out better now, Their logo has changed over the years. I have been with that company for years and love them. :) Your whole table looks so nice. Love the umbrella lights! Enjoy!

Debra Pashkowsky said...

How cute. Looking for a truck at the thrift stores is now on my list.

Kathleen said...

Dinner and drinks sounds good! I love what you did with the truck. Too cute! And the lights are a definite must:) xo Kathleen|Our Hopeful Home

Cottontail Farm said...

Great job on the tiny truck! I actually found your blog researching vintage camper ideas. The layout of your camper is pretty close to my 12 ft Metzendorf. Yours is a beauty!

Tania said...

Thank you! I've never heard of a Metzendorf camper before. Do you have a blog where I can see it?


Tania said...

Thanks Kathleen!


Tania said...

Lol... it's not like you don't have enough projects on your list all by yourself right?!


Tania said...

Thanks Vicky!


Tania said...


Tuula @ Thrifty Rebel Vintage said...

I love what you did with the truck Tania. It's so adorable. The cactus lights are a great touch, and I love the color of the place mats. Looks like a great place for dinner and drinks for sure.

Tania said...

Thanks Tuula!!


Vikki B said...

That is such a cute idea for the little truck and how special it is that it was your Dad's. And.......I just shopped at your etsy store you are closing.
People !!: I got The Cutest Tote for a great price. Everyone should go see because she has neat things at good prices.

Tania said...

Aww, thanks Vikki, you are so sweet! I'm so glad you liked the tote!!


JoElle @ A Crafty Composition said...

I love your truck project and your little cactus lights...and your ombre placemats! Your post was full of goodies!!! Your table setting looks so inviting, like you could sit and eat and chat for hours. Thanks for sharing.

Tania said...

Thanks JoElle! Too bad we don't live closer, we could make a huge mess in my craft room and eat and chat on the patio! :)


Cecilia MyThriftStoreAddiction said...'s too cute, Tania! Thanks for sharing @ Vintage Charm. I've pinned it to our Features & Favorites board!

Tania said...

Thanks Cecilia!


Michelle Leslie said...

I wish I could come join you too Tania. Your outdoor dining area looks like the perfect spot to relax and chill. Love what you did with the little rusty truck and those place mats. We have the similar ones at home and the white isn't very practical

Tania said...

Hi Michelle, that would be fun wouldn't it?! Thanks so much for stopping by!!