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16 June
I've been in the process of a whole house redo where I'm redoing (remodeling/redecorating) every room in my house, mostly on my own and definitely on a budget!

Turning an unused spare bedroom into a glamorous dressing room

I'm working on my dressing room/closet right now. My house is 1,860 square feet with 3 bedrooms and I'm the only one in it right now so I thought why not have a whole room dedicated as my dressing room! I am the queen of my castle and it is the first time I've ever had the luxury and may well be the only time too! :o)

I am using the smallest bedroom, it measures 10' x 11'. Here is the what the room looked like after painting, hanging curtains, and adding an area rug:

When I moved in the walls had some sort of ragging technique or something on them. I hated it but even so, I didn't get around to painting it for a couple of years!

The room started out as my craft room, then went to an empty room, then my daughter used it as her room for awhile, then it was sort of a make-shift office that I never used and then a bohemian themed guest room. I liked that look, it was fun and cheerful. But then I sold the twin bed and it was just sort of a catch all room again.

To make the room over into a dressing room, first I painted. The color is called Floppy Disk by Dutch Boy. The trim is Mistaya by Glidden.

This weird square box juts out into the room taking up space and making an area that is really hard to decorate or use in any way! It covers the wall from the stairs so without it you would have a weird looking slanted wall thing.

I decided to paint the top so it looks more like a piece of furniture rather than floor... but I still don't really know what to do with it... any suggestions?

You can see in this picture that I also added curtains. I bought the rods at Big Lots and I already had the curtains.

I like the fancy finials.

I got the clothes hamper at TJ Maxx.

And I brought in a rug that used to be downstairs.

Here is a view the other direction. I put the shelf back that was there before.

The door leading into the room and the closet door have textured wallpaper that I added when I did the bohemian makeover. Here's a closeup:

Then I turned my attention to the closet. First I had to clear it out.

For some this would be enough but not me! I wanted it to be as fresh and new and luxurious as the rest of the room. So I painted it a fresh coat of white and then I stenciled inside!

I didn't bother stenciling the back half since my clothes will be covering that up.

I used the same color paint as the room.

Then I decided there was too much wasted space in the top of the closet so I added another shelf and covered them both with some contact paper I had.

Now the room is ready to become my wardrobe! I'll show you what it looks like with all my stuff in there soon!

**UPDATE** See the finished room here: My Dressing Room

Cost breakdown:

Paint (Floppy Disk by Dutch Boy) - $17.00 for 1 gallon (on sale and with a $5/per gallon rebate)
Paint (Mistaya by Glidden) - FREE (leftover from bathroom remodel)
Rug - FREE (was in my bedroom downstairs)
Curtains - FREE (used them when I was renting)
Curtain Rods - $12.00 ($6/ea.)
Shelf for Closet - FREE (I stole it from my laundry room where it wasn't used)
Stencil - FREE (I already had it in my craft supplies)
Contact Paper - FREE (I already had it)
Quarter Round Trim - FREE (left over from main level floor refinishing)
Clothes Hamper - $14.99 (TJ Maxx)

Total - $43.99

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  1. Oh it looks just beautiful - how lucky you get to have a walk in closet - what about if you put a made to measure big plump pillow on that box - sort of like seating - where you can put your shoes on?

  2. It looks good! So-----how many times have you painted that room? LOL! I lost track!

  3. Home from my cruise and playing catch up on blog reading! I love what you are doing with your awesome to have your own dressing room! It is going to be gorgeous! I love the paint color and the rug. Funny, I have the exact same rods and finials! I like Suzan's idea for the big could also use it to display shoes, purses, jewelry, etc! I can't wait to see the finished product...:)
    Blessings, Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane


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