About Me

Hi, I’m Tania (pronounced Ton-ya), I am the creative spirit behind Little Vintage Cottage (LVC). Are you like me and love garage sales and shopping at thrift stores? If so, then like me l bet you have a stash of what some may consider “old junk” just waiting to be transformed into treasures with an awesome junkover!

But do you struggle with how to transform those things? You see the potential, but you’re not quite sure how to get started? Well, I’d love you to join me on my mission to transform second-hand items into beautiful home décor because I want to help you reimagine your vintage treasures too!

I grew up in a very creative family. My mom worked hard to create a beautiful, unique, haven where we felt peaceful and at home. She is an expert decorative painter and seamstress and she used those talents to make our home unique. My dad is a jack of all trades and did many of the home improvement, building, and maintenance projects around our home himself. Both of my parents also have an appreciation for vintage and antiques. This is my dad, mom, and me.

about me

I picked up many of these hobbies, interests, and talents myself over the years and they have served me well as an adult. I’ve used them to create my own unique vibe in my home… a place that feels peaceful and unique to me.

The drive to create and decorate is in my soul, but money was tight when raising my daughter. We had enough for the necessities like food, rent, utilities, and clothing but we shopped at garage sales and second-hand stores for things like name-brand clothing, home décor, and craft supplies.

But even though I shopped second-hand, I felt rich with all the possibilities, I never felt like I was missing out and I still feel the same! I do not want my home to look like everyone else’s and I have discovered that the kind of uniqueness I crave is only achieved through collecting, creating, and curating items that I truly love. Things that speak to me by evoking certain memories and feelings, or just by making my eyes turn to little emoji hearts!😍

If you feel the same and want to create a beautiful, unique, and personalized home, then you are in the right spot! At LVC I show you how to combine vintage and repurposed second-hand finds along with adding a splash of new to create a home that you love. Let’s get those junky items out of storage and transform them!

You will find inspiration and helpful tutorials on how to upcycle second-hand finds and use them in your home décor. I also share my own constantly evolving and ever-changing home. Since these are thrifted finds (which usually means inexpensive) we can take some chances and be a little crazy with them!