Room Redos - Guest Bedroom With New Exposed Chimney

I just finished part I of my guest bedroom redo and it is now ready to bring in furniture and decor!

Guest bedroom with new exposed chimney

Here is a before shot of the room (after I cleared it out). The room was this color of yellow when I bought the house... it doesn't look too bad in these pictures until you get up close... trust me, it wasn't pretty.

I had already painted the ceiling in this picture... thankfully it is a small room, I hate painting ceilings!

Above the window, you can see one of the units for the new ductless heat pump I had installed. This eliminated the need for baseboard heaters in my house! Yippee!

The chimney in my house is exposed down in the kitchen and I liked the look so much I decided to tackle exposing the brick upstairs in this bedroom by myself... yes I know... I question my sanity sometimes as much as those around me do!! :o)

Here it is after most of the old drywall had been removed (sorry for the bad cell phone pics).

It was at this point that I questioned my own sanity and requested help from dad!

Turns out that I am quite sane and didn't need my dad's help after all... this time.

The 2x4's were what made me think maybe I had bitten off more than I could chew. For a moment I thought maybe they were load bearing and I wouldn't be able to remove them, but once I got all the drywall off I could see that they were just tacked in with a couple of nails. A few good whacks with the hammer and some brute force and out they came!!

I covered the two 2x4's on the sides, next to the walls with drywall, taped, mudded, sanded, and trimmed out the top and bottom.

I even mitered the corners which is amazing since all I have is one of those cheap hand mitering saws!

Next was painting the room. I chose a pretty grey color called Capricorn by Parker Paint.

All the trim, doors, and ceiling are painted with Super Hide White by Behr.

I love all the angles in this room and now the added interest of an exposed chimney!

**UPDATE** See the finished room here: Guest Bedroom - Part II