DIY Up-cycled 7-Up Crate to Dog Dish Holder

03 August
I've seen some really cute little dog food and water dish holders and decided to make one for my pups!

DIY Up-cycled 7-Up Crate to Dog Dish Holder
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Supplies Needed

You can see my 7-Up crate was in sad, sad condition :o(

It did have the dividers for bottles originally but they aren't needed for this project. You can see where the bottles used to sit. 

Cut the reclaimed boards (mine are old fence boards) to size and determine where you want the holes by lying the bowls face down on top of the boards.

Trace around the bowls and then cut about 1/2" inside that line so that the lip of the bowls will rest down in the hole but without falling through.

Flip the cut boards over and secure the pieces together on the bottom with wood strips. Measure the strips to fit just inside the pop crate so that when the top is placed on the crate it will sit flush.

I used one of the bottle divider inserts and cut it into strips. Glue the strips in place and let them dry for about an hour then add a few screws to ensure it is all secure.

Add your wheels. Here are my little antique wheels, aren't they cute? They are wooden! I don't remember where I got them, I've had them for a long time. I just drilled four holes in the corners of the bottom of the box and poked them through!

If you don't have wheels you can use wood balls or spools for feet too.

The top just rests on top of the crate, the strips underneath keep it from sliding off since they sit down into the box a little bit. This makes it easy to clean too. You wouldn't think anything would get inside but trust me it does! Dog food and spider webs!

Here is "short stuff" Roxanne using her new doggie diner!! I may have to build her a little step! LOL!

Here she's waiting ever so patiently for Pongo to get done eating... she's sweet like that and waits her turn!

Here is what their bowls looked like before.

Such an improvement!

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  1. That is super cute and so creative! I never would have thought to do that...:) Goes perfectly with your style too!Hope you had fun today! Enjoy the remainder of your weekend...:)

    Blessings, Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  2. How cute - what a great idea!!!


  3. It's cute! Have you built a step for Roxanne yet? LOL!


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