DIY Up-cycled Vintage Door Clock

Upcycled Vintage Door Clock

I love old, vintage doors, I have several of them but never really know what to do with them aside from propping them up against a wall like I did with this one.

This door came from an old house in the town where I grew up and it is HEA-VY!! I haven't done anything to it, this is the color it was when I got it and the original hardware (door handle and hinges) are still on it.

When pondering what to do with this door I came across this at House of 34 (the link I had for this site no longer works so this pictures will have to be it for looking at what she's done).

And I knew that I wanted to try this with my old door!

I got one of the large clock hand sets from Hobby Lobby too but ended up returning mine because it wouldn't work. Then I took apart a large clock I already had and used those hands which I already knew worked!!

This door is pretty thick, even in the recessed panel area, and my clock wouldn't fit! :o( The little piece that the hands fit on wasn't sticking out far enough through the hole I drilled in the door to reattach the clock hands.

So I borrowed a wood carving/chisel set thingy from my neighbor and chiseled out a little square for my clock battery pack to sit down inside of and that worked great!

I didn't put any numbers on mine and I kind of like the simplicity of it so for now I'm going to leave it like this. I have it propped behind my chair right now but I may end up moving it to a different spot as I decorate.

And speaking or doors again... I have a really cool What To Do With An Old Door Pinterest board that has tons of things to do with old doors! Check it out!

What cool ideas have you seen for old doors?