My Little Vintage Trailer - Interior Makeover Details

15 September
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We are getting so close to finishing the makeover of my little vintage trailer! My dad and I worked on her again today.

Vintage Trailer Makeover

The exterior got a few things like the top/roof  was coated with some white, goopy, roof coating stuff (how's that for technical?!) so she won't leak.

And the underside was treated with some rubberized spray paint stuff to help protect the wood underneath when you drive on wet roadways.

I worked some more on the interior stuff...

See that wall right on the other side of the screen door?

Here it is from inside the trailer. You can't really hang anything on it because the screen door opens up against it, soooo.....

I decided it would be perfect for a chalkboard wall! They are so popular inside our homes... why not inside a little traveling home? :o)

I think it will be fun to put our destinations on... like when we take her out for her maiden voyage week after next, we can write "Leavenworth here we come!!" and if you get bored while camping you can doodle on the chalkboard!

In other parts of the trailer...

I used some old maps and wallpapered inside the closet and cupboards above the sink and stove.

The polka dot bottom is drawer liner and matches inside the drawers. I thought it would be easier to wipe off and change out than having map on that part.

You can see a peek of the faux tin ceiling we put up here!

Isn't it funny how not too long ago maps were the way to go? I can remember my mom holding the map and telling my dad where to turn... and then... being a man... he drove right past the turn and got all grumpy with the map reader!!

So now days we have GPS (and I think he probably still drives right past the turn!) I'm so glad for GPS though because I don't know how anyone can read a map :o/

Now what do we do with maps?? Well... wallpaper inside cute little vintage trailers of course! :o)

I added a hanging sweater/shoe bag inside the closet to maximize the storage space. I just cut it to the length that would fit this closet. I still have a little bit of hanging room (I mean really... how many nice hanging clothes do you take camping anyway?!) and much better storage options for towels and stuff.

This little vintage trailer has come a long way since we first brought her home!

This adorable sign is made from an itty-bitty cupboard door that I found at a garage sale, I painted it aqua and then brought it to my mom to work her magic on. Isn't it cute?!

The little trailer looks exactly like mine (minus a few windows!) and the "Little House on the Freeway" is of course a spin off from "Little House on the Prairie"... get it?! Please tell me you get it... do kids now days even read those books? Is the television show still on? I'm dating myself huh?

I found these vintage plastic sign letters at an antique show and put them on the back shelf edging. The letters had handy little nails on the back so they stick right into the wood!

Andy finally, my dad worked his magic on the sign I bought to stick outside when we are out and about.

He used an old jack stand, an old porch post, and an old 4x4 bracket thing. So the whole thing disassembles for traveling

So, just one more weekend to work on her and then we're off on our first camping trip! I'm so excited, I think it will be fun... and very nice to have my dad with me the first time... since I've never camped by myself let alone pulled a trailer!

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