My Vintage Trailer - Interior Details

22 September
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We worked on my little vintage trailer, Miss Maizy, again today... the last weekend before her maiden voyage!

My daughter, dad, and I are taking her out Wednesday overnight in Leavenworth at the KOA there. I'm looking forward to it, I think it will be fun! And I think she's ready!

vintage trailer makeover

Here's a look at what we did today.

My mom whipped out this ADORABLE little tiered curtain out of a vintage curtain valance I found.

There used to be a heater in this hole but it was ugly and way too close to the bed to actually use anyway, so since storage is minimal we decided to take it out and use the hole for other things.

I have a little vintage wire basket behind the curtain for magazines... you have to have magazines to look at while you are camping after all!

We also put up this little shelf with a cute little spindle leg! The shelf matches the new kitchen counter tops.

There is another one across from this one next to the closet... just for a little extra spot to put things... a box of Kleenex, an alarm clock, whatever.

I also hung up my faux taxidermy dear head! I found the pattern and tutorial here.

Beware though, it was a PAIN. IN. THE. ASS!! I had blisters when I was done and it's just foam core board!!

I also painted the teensy-tiny little microwave that my mom and dad gave me. It was one we used in their camper when I was young... so, it must be like the first microwave ever made cause I'm getting OLD!! I'm 45 today!

Here are a couple of before shots.

Bad cell phone pics again... sorry... you get the idea though. I just took off the outside, metal cover and spray painted it, popped it back on and we're done... new, cute microwave!!

See the piece of plywood underneath the microwave? That's a genius idea I had... actually someone else had it and she sells them on eBay for like $75.00!!

It just sits atop the stove when you aren't using it and creates extra counter top space! Genius right?!

Well, since I can't afford $75.00 and we had everything already to make our own, my dad and I did just that!

I definitely need that in here because that little sliver over on the other side of the sink, where we put the little shelf is all the counter space in here... aside from the table.

I brought the new counter board home with me and I'm going to cover it with another old map like I did inside the closet and cupboard!

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