Whole House Redo - The Kitchen

24 September
I'm in the process of what I'm calling a "whole house redo". I've been working on fixing up every room in my house, some got actual remodels, some just got repainted and redecorated.

This time I've been working on my kitchen.

kitchen makeover

Lets look at a few before pictures first.

This wall is directly across from the stove. You can see it has a stainless steel back splash and a full length hanging pot rack giving it a little bit of an industrial feel.

Lots of people like it and I did too at first.

But I also love the look of open shelving in the kitchen, so that coupled with the fact that I don't have enough storage space in my kitchen prompted the makeover of this wall.

As you can see that I don't use the whole pot rack, I don't have that many pots and pans!

The first thing I did was take off this gigantic metal back splash (I did save it so when I sell the house the new owners can put it back if they want to).

It was just attached to the wall with a few screws and a tiny bit of glue along the edges... boy was it H.E.A.V.Y. though... I almost killed myself taking it down!

This is why it was so heavy, it was mounted on 3/4" plywood!

Here is what it looked like after I took it off the wall. I don't know what's with the random pieces of wood... maybe the wall isn't level?

You can see on the corner that it ripped up some of the Sheetrock when I pulled it off too.

I used some drywall mud that was leftover from the spare bedroom projects here: guest bedroom with new exposed chimney and patched up the corner and all the holes.

Then I painted... the WHOLE kitchen... I was just going to paint this wall but you know how one thing leads to another!

Next I put up the shelves. I got these at a garage sale for $1. I bought the brackets and hardware at Home Depot for about $20.

I left the pot rack as is even though I don't use it all.

I hung my pans on the right side of the pot rack, I think it would be pretty to hang some dried herbs from the other hooks above the shelves.

My coffee station now sits on this counter.

A vintage menu board is next to the shelves and coffee mugs on the bottle drying rack (from World Market - $13.00).

The vintage Folgers tin holds coffee filters, sweetener is in the galvanized bucket, and the vintage jar has creamer in it.

Here are the shelves. I finally have a place for my cookbooks!

There is a window right next to the shelves. I made valances out of pallets, the "Kitchen" sign is from Hobby Lobby.

The lunch window sign is from World Market - $11.00.

At the end of the cupboard is the doggie diner I made from an old 7-Up crate. You can see the tutorial here: DIY Up-cycled 7-Up Crate to Dog Dish Holder.

Now let's look at the other side of the kitchen. I painted this wall black.

I put two old crates on top of the refrigerator with old canning jars, an old pulley, flour sifter, towels, etc. on the shelves.

An old Sunkist sign is hanging over the doorway to the dining room.

I put a vintage picnic basket on top of the cupboard for more storage.

I had the wall between the kitchen and living room opened up and a pass through/breakfast bar added.

It feels much more open with the bar and pass through.

I found the bar stools at Overstock.com (I bought two, the other is on the living room side of the bar).

I am using a vintage shortening container for dog food.

I also worked on decorating the top of my cabinets. I think this space is always awkward and hard to work with.

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  1. I really love all the details you put in your kitchen. You have done a fantastic job, and the new and revised space without the giant backsplash, looks inviting, organized and useful

  2. I just love it! What a difference! The shelves are so much better than the big back splash. Love the black wall and all the decorative items you used. The cow heads are great. They remind me of my cow creamers. I need to keep an eye out for some of those. Love it all! Hope you have a fun time camping...:)

    Blessings, Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  3. It looks really nice---you did a great job! Even better in person!

  4. I love that you removed tat backsplash....it looks MUCH better, more open and airy and I'm surprised but it even looks bigger.

    Great job!

  5. Ok, so our kitchen is the same layout except swap the fridge and stove. Where you added shelves by your stove, we have nothing there but a water cooler and a cork board.

    We also have a pass through/breakfast bar connecting the living room and kitchen. We have a bank of cabinets there so I can work on dinner and talk to people sitting at the bar on the other side.

    We still have the original pantry and the brick is not exposed but I've created a chalk board wall there (:

  6. Hey! I see you used my Kitchen Subway Art Printable! Looks great, as well as everything else you have done!
    You are an inspiration to us all!



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