DIY Chevron Linen Closet Door

30 December
Today I'm sharing my upstairs linen closet door that I painted with a fun grey chevron design yesterday!

chevron door

This is my linen closet in between the bathroom and spare bedroom upstairs.

Here's how I created the chevron design.

I followed the directions in Better Homes and Gardens Refresh magazine.

In case you haven't seen this magazine I'll repeat the directions here.

I'll leave the directions as they were from the magazine in case you want to do this on a standard size door and I'll also tell how I adapted them to fit the bi-fold door I was doing this design on.

BHG Step One: Remove the doorknob and prime and paint a 36" wide interior door in a base color, let it dry overnight.

MY Step One: I had already painted my door white a couple of years ago.

BHG Step Two: Beginning at the top left corner, mark dots with a pencil at 9" increments around the door's perimeter.

MY Step Two: My door is a bi-fold closet door and doesn't measure the same as a regular interior door. I measured each section of the door (the two folding sections) and then divided that in half which was 6", so I made my marks at 6" increments.

BHG Step Three: Mark the point where every measurement across and down intersects, creating 10 rows of five dots and five columns of 10 dots.

MY Step Three: I ended up with 12 rows with five dots and five columns of 12 dots.

BHG Step Four: Starting with the mark 9" down from the top left corner, draw a line up to the mark 9" to the right of the top left corner. From this spot, draw a line to the dot 18" from the corner and 9" down, and then a line to the top dot 27" from the left corner and then a line to the dot 9" down, creating the "M" pattern. Repeat to make another "M" pattern starting 18" down the door. Continue until you have covered the door in the chevron pattern.

MY Step Four: I totally skipped this step and just used my blue painter's tape and taped from dot to dot.

BHG and MY Step Five: Focusing on one color at a time, tape along the outside of the pencil lines of each chevron to be painted.

This step can be a little tricky because for every chevron that you are painting you want to be sure that your tape is on the outside of that chevron... see how some of the "Ms" above are skinnier? Those are the ones I am NOT painting.

If you were going to paint two different colors you would do this for the first color then wait for it to dry before taping off the second. Hope that makes sense.

BHG Step Six: Using a roller, paint the stripes, when dry, remove tape. Repeat steps five and six for each color. Replace the doorknob.

MY Step Six: I used a small roller about 1/2 the size of a regular paint roller and it worked perfectly!

I didn't go all the way to the bottom of the door because it's actually not even! Not sure how that happened! You can't tell by looking at it now but if I were to try and add one more "M" it would be noticeable!

I may still try to get one more in there... not sure yet... I need to live with it for awhile and see if it bugs me!

What do you think? Do you have any doors that you might like to try this on?

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  1. It looks good! What did Pongo think?! I see him checking it out in the last photo. LOL!

  2. It turned out great! Thanks for the tutorial, I haven't picked up that magazine. :)

  3. Ah, this is such fun! My closet doors are in need of some serious sprucin' up... might have to give this a try! I'd love you to share at our Link It or Lump It party!

  4. Looks great! I kind of like that you left the bottom empty!

  5. So fun! You did an excellent job!


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