Hallway Gallery Wall

28 December
I have lived in my house for three years now and have been planning on creating a gallery wall for that entire time... how's that for procrastination at its finest?!

Well, I finally threw caution to the wind and created it :o) I know... I'm a rebel...

hallway gallery wall

This gallery wall is created in my hallway that goes upstairs from the living room so it's a little hard to get photos of it but I did my best!

You can see that I used all whites and off-whites with dimensional items and chippy painted pieces for texture.

I started by hanging this old window. I put three coordinating pieces of scrapbook paper behind the panes of glass.

Three 8 x 10, white frames are below the window. The one on the left is an old postcard from Paris, on the right is my daughter when she was little....

The one in the middle is my grandma when she was young! Doesn't she look like a movie star in her little cowgirl getup? I love this picture!

To the left of the window I hung two pieces of architectural salvage.

There is a chalkboard eraser and a piece of chalk resting on top of them for the two chalkboards that are in my arrangement.

Then I added a large metal star, a tin chandelier wall hanging, and a canvas picture of my daughter.

The lighted tin arrow is from Fred Meyer! I love this thing!

I used a chalkboard shelf and an old tin ceiling tile to disguise the arrow's electric cord.

Right now there are three little candle holders that I made for Christmas on the shelf.

They are made from baby food jars found in a garage sale "free" box! I made the tags out of polymer clay and stamped them with small letter rubber stamps BEFORE baking them so the words are actually baked into the clay, then I used some black paint to bring the words out.

The tops of each jar are wrapped with some miniature holiday garland and a teeny-tiny vintage ornament and I put a little tea lite candle in each one!

This picture of my daughter was actually quick selfie she took of herself. I thought it was pretty so I had it printed on the canvas.

This little chalkboard is on the wall opposite of the gallery collection. I will probably add more to this wall but for now this is how it looks.

 I'm so happy with how my gallery wall turned out!

This is the view from the living room looking up the stairs.

And with the arrow all lit up at night!

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  1. It looks very nice. I love the arrow!

  2. I love your gallery wall....so many interesting pieces on display that I'm having a hard time choosing a favorite. That photo of your grandma is just too cool and your daughter is gorgeous! I am loving the lighted arrow too....wish there was a Fred Myer here! Have a wonderful Sunday.....Vicky

  3. I love the pic of your mom! How adorable!! The whole gallery is beautiful, love that star. Now I want to go paint my brown star white... back to diy'ing! xox


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