Whole House Redo - My Dressing Room

21 December
I haven't posted about my whole house redo that I started this summer in a while so I thought it was time for another reveal... my dressing room! You can see when I painted here: Room Redos - The Dressing Room.

Dressing Room

This is the view looking in from the hall. I stacked several of those cheap cubby hole units that you can buy just about anywhere to form the majority of my shoe storage (yes there are more shoes than this)!

Let's step inside and take a look shall we?

Looking to the left... dresses, slacks, and skirts are on the tall rolling garment hanger (and there are more shoes underneath, there wasn't enough room to stack this one with the others due to the  slanted ceilings from the dormers in this room), jackets and sweaters are on the shorter garment rack.

Here is the corner with that annoying big box thing... I talked about it in the painting post. I asked in that post if anyone had any ideas what to do with this area and I even posted on Hometalk with the same question.

Most people said to add pillows and a lamp and use it as a reading nook... a great idea but the problem is I don't really want to read in my dressing room, I have the entire house to myself.

Several others said to put a full length mirror up there but as you can see from the mirror next to it, it would be way to high up and I wouldn't be able to see my whole outfit that way.

So for now this is how I've chosen to use that space...

I hung up a cubby hole shelf that I had and put a collection of vintage powder/jewelry boxes on the shelves. This is actually my daughter's collection but she lives with 3 roommates and her room is the size of a postage stamp... so they are still at my house :o)

I added another shelf below the cubby holes and put MY collection of little Eiffel Towers on it! I love these and am hoping to add more!

Below that, in keeping with the French theme, is a framed negative of the Eiffel Tower, a glittery Eiffel Tower ornament, and a shadow box that I made. It has "A pocket Guide to France" from WWII that belonged to my grandfather along with a photograph of the Eiffel Tower that he took while there.

You can't really see it from this picture but there is also a tiny picture of him standing in front of the Eiffel Tower in his uniform on the front of the pocket guide. The dish below holds more photos that he took and then I added my Eiffel Tower lamp.

This was my grandma's wedding dress from her second marriage to the man that I always knew as grandpa.

When she passed away this was in a pile of clothes that was left over after everyone else had raided her stuff and taken everything of value. I guess they didn't know that this was her wedding dress because it was just shoved in a black plastic garbage bag with some other meaningless clothes.

Actually, I didn't even realize that it was her wedding dress when I took it... I just thought it was pretty. But then I was looking through some old photographs of her there she was with my grandpa standing in front of the church wearing this dress!! I think I'll enlarge that photograph and put it next to the dress.

This is the door to the actual closet for this room. I have a glittery "Paris" sign hung up and one of my baby dresses hanging from the doorknob.

Here is inside the closet... you may remember that I painted and stenciled inside the closet! I wanted the whole room to be luxurious and fresh so even the closet got a redo!

To the left of the closet there is a little black dresser and a Paris poster.

And if you keep turning to the left here is my other dresser and bulletin board turned jewelry storage.

Here are some closeup shots of the board. I used some pretty fabric to cover it with and then went all around the edge, just inside the wooden frame, with upholstery tacks.

 And then I used some random drawer pulls for a place to hang my jewelry!

On top of the shelf above the jewelry board are a couple of wooden jewelry boxes that my daughter's dad made for her and I, a cute little crown (actually a candle holder) and a collection of vintage bibles... I don't know why I like them... I'm not even religious... I just think they are cool looking!

And now we are back at the stacked shoe storage. I also used an old ladder to hold my heels! I love how this looks!

This is an antique confirmation certificate. I found it in a box of junk at an estate sale. I asked the people having the sale if they wouldn't like to keep this family heirloom and the guy just said "Nah, you can just have it". I thought it was kind of sad and the certificate is just so beautiful to me, even with the stains and rips.

This is on top of the stacked shoe storage. A couple of old mirrors and boxes.

And some vintage hat boxes for more storage.

I hung my ironing board on the back of the door so it's handy when I need to actually iron something... yah... like that's gonna happen! lol.

I thought it would also be fun to show how I organize the inside of my dresser drawers!

This is how I manage to shove 20 pears of jeans in one dresser drawer!

I saw this on pinterest and let me tell you, whoever came up with this is genius! :o)

I can see all my jeans at once without having to paw through a stack to find the one's I want!

I did the same thing with my shirt drawer, you can fit so many shirts in there and see them ALL!

Oh! There's still one last detail of the room... I painted black polka dots inside the light shade for a fun look until I find the perfect chandelier to replace it with!

So what do you think?

I feel like a princess!

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  1. How great to have an entire room at your closet! I'm in love with the paint color, and I love the stenciling. The big box thing has me stumped as well?

  2. Genius! I love it and you inspire me. Thanks you for all the details too because it really shows what you can do with changing things around and finding more space in the process. I also love what you did to the light fixture! Amazing! You are very talented and hard working. I only wish I had your floors...I have old, dirty, carpeting everywhere and can't afford wood floors. I want to rip it up and paint the plywood but also want to move so there's my dilemma! LOL! Keep it coming! You're doing an awesome job!

  3. It's a great use for a room that's almost too small to be a bedroom. Love all the fun decorating touches, especially the light cover!

  4. I found your blog thru a vintage trailer post on Pinterest...and I think we live near each other. I recognize the layout of that house...I used to live in a letter house with that awkward box thing :) We have recently fixed up a trailer...can't wait to look at more of your posts on that!


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