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12 January
I showed part 1 of this room redo here: Room Redos - Guest Bedroom With New Exposed Chimney, where I showed how I exposed a hidden chimney.

guest bedroom

Now I'm ready to share the full room reveal!

To recap, here is the beautiful chimney that I uncovered over the summer.

The room was then painted "Capricorn" grey.

Next to the chimney is this wicker chair that I found at a local thrift store for $17.00. That's more than I would usually pay for something but it's a chair... and was in perfect condition!

Behind the chair is an old orchard ladder that I got at a garage sale for $5. This is only 1/2 of the ladder, it was so long that I had my dad cut it in half so I have two ladders... so I guess, technically, this part only cost $2.50!

I put grey polka dot Washi tape around the insets of the door for a fun detail!

A little more toward the right is a new addition.

It's an old record storage cabinet!

It's actually temporary because I bought it for my daughter but as I've mentioned before she lives in a house with three other room mates and her room is the size of a postage stamp!

The front opens up and there is room for some of her GIGANTIC record collection.

The closet is in the corner. I transformed that into my holiday storage closet, read about that and see pictures here: Organization - Creating a Holiday Storage Closet.

The chalkboard arrow is from Antiquefarmhouse.com or decor steals, I can't remember which one but it was $13.00 for two of them. I haven't decided what to write on this one yet :o)

I found this basket at a garage sale a couple of years ago, I think I paid $3.00 for it. It was an ugly orange color so I painted it and roughed it up a bit and added an old house number to it. It holds extra pillows.

This little table was my grandma's. The wood wasn't in very good shape so I painted it!

I found the lamp at a thrift store for $8 and painted the ugly gold metal parts.

I just recently picked up the white bed skirt at a thrift store, it's Shabby Chic brand and was only $5!

This bed is a full size bed and the skirt is for a queen bed but it worked out perfectly because the bed is higher than most so the skirt reaches all the way to the floor now!

The bedspread is from Fred Meyer and was on clearance for $40.00.

I picked up the burlap coffee sacks at the Farm Chicks show for $4.00 each.

I was going to actually upholster the headboard with them, but after laying them over it to see what it was going to look like I decided I liked that better, that way I can change my mind and not be stuck with it!

The little green pillow is also from Farm Chicks, it was $12... again, more than I'd normally pay but I knew it would be PERFECT for this room because my accent color is this green.

Above the bed I hung up a painting that my mom did years ago, we're talkin' years, maybe she'll remember when!

Anyway, it's my daughter's too and I'm just temporary a temporary holding area!

Down at the foot of the bed is a little green metal bench that is also from Farm Chicks. I actually paid $60.00 for it... yikes... what was I thinking? Well, actually I was thinking of using it at my dining room table and was going to reupholster it with an old grain sack or something.

It didn't look right at the dining table so it's here now. I may still reupholster it sometime but for now I like it!

I moved the green dresser over here along with the thrift store flower wall hangings. They were brown with gold metal flowers, I took them apart and painted the backgrounds white and the flowers lime green.

I purchased this little table/candlestick thing at an antique store years ago, I love it but never really know what to do with it. So for now it has this topiary I made on it. :o)

I hung up this beautiful vintage scarf on this wall.

I actually put up the wire so I'd have a place to take pictures of things like old maps for my Etsy shop. So this scarf is perfect here in between photo shoots!

And the last little green accent in this room is the mini chandelier that I painted. You can see that full makeover here: Up-cycled Colorful Chandelier!

So that's it! I love this room now, and it's another room checked off of the whole house redo! What do you think?

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  1. Well....I think it looks wonderful....perfect mix of shabby and vintage! What a great idea to have the wire strung to hang things from...:) It must feel great getting your record checked off. I am too slowly but surely! Have a wonderful week....Vicky

  2. Hi Tania,
    I really enjoyed your room tour! You did an awesome job and I liked how you incorporated all of your thrifty finds into the room seamlessly. It's beautiful!

  3. ok I am on my way for an extended stay??? Love the burlap sacks!!! beautiful touches! Christine from Little Brags

    1. Come on over... in fact everyone could come and we could have a big ol' DIY party! :o)


  4. Tania, the white "table thing" under the wire display, is actually an antique plant stand! They came in different heights and sizes, I have a tall one that belonged to my Great Grandparents, I absolutely love it! Your room is very cozy and inviting, you did a spectacular job. Congratulations on checking another room off your list!

  5. What a charming bedroom! It turned out beautifully. You are a thrift store queen. So many great finds. I really love the grain sacks on the head board and I'm the same way about making any permanent design commitments.

    1. Thank you Sharon, it was a fun room to pull together! :o)



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