Treasure Trove Tuesday - The First Edition

Treasure Trove Tuesday is a new weekly feature here at LVC.

thrifting finds

I am continually shopping at garage sales, thrift shops, estate sales, etc. for things to resell in my Etsy shops, Little Vintage Cottage and Little Boho Cottage.

I thought it would be fun to pick a day each week to share my finds before they are actually listed in my shops.

I wanted to have a clever little name to call this weekly post. So after much deliberation and word play I settled on "Treasure Trove Tuesday"!

So without further adieu I present to you the very first Treasure Trove Tuesday post!

Actually, this isn't all that I found over the weekend, I photographed and listed some other things before I thought to create this fun little weekly event :o)

Let's take a closer look shall we?

This is my favorite thing that I've found in a long time, I just love this vintage picture!

 Look at that little boy's rosy cheeks! So cute!

This is a fun little 1980's flashback, love the sunny yellow color!

I found a whole big bag of these old clothespins, some are very worn and cool looking, these would look pretty in a glass container in the laundry room!

A vintage copy holder. I remember using these for typing at work... I'm dating myself huh?

And a whole bag of old reader board sign numbers.

I thought the Barnum's Animal Cracker tin was cute. I remember these animal crackers from childhood days... I still love them today!

This is a limited edition tin. I think it would be cute in a vintage circus themed nursery.

And I actually passed up this metal tray the weekend before but it was still there when I went back so it was meant to be I guess :o)

I found two of these vintage interlocking squares shelves at the same shop! I like them as is but they would sure be cute painted to match a room's decor too.

This one is kind of hard to see, it's vintage curtain panels. They have delicate polka dots all over them!

And last up in today's treasure trove are clipboards, clipboards, and more clipboards!

These are pretty popular right now in home decor, they make a fun gallery wall when used as unique picture display frames.

So that's it for this week... what do you think? Do you like the idea of Treasure Trove Tuesdays?


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

I like the idea - very fun to see what other people find. We had those exact same wooden interlocking shelves hanging in our living room in the 60's. Love those!

Sam I Am...... said...

I don't go "junking" (as I call it) anymore so it's fun to see what other's get on their trips. You found some nifty items!

Ria Rees said...

Very cool! I can see how selling vintage items gives you the perfect excuse to go thrift shopping! colour me jealous! ;)

Lorna Howells said...

Wow, that is a great collection. Well done you.

Little Vintage Cottage said...

Thank you Lorna!


Little Vintage Cottage said...

Thanks Ria... yes having a vintage shop gives me a very good excuse to go thrifting... sometimes I sneak in something for my own home too! ;o)


Little Vintage Cottage said...

Thanks Sam, I guess if you don't go junking anymore then seeing someone elses finds is the next best thing!


Little Vintage Cottage said...

Thanks Kim, I like the shelves too!


Vicky Hunt said...

Great finds Tania! My favorite is the metal tray but the sweet little boy fishing with his dog is adorable! I love the name...Treasure Trove Tuesday! Have a wonderful Thursday....Vicky

Little Vintage Cottage said...

Thanks Vicky, I know we both have a sweet spot for a good thrift store, I always like seeing all your finds too!


The Vintage Dresser said...

Great idea and great finds! The name's catchy and appropriate.

Joy Schlagal said...

I like the Barnum and Bailey bucket. Those were really the good ole days when a box of animal crackers was a treat!

Tania Pelletier said...

Me too Joy, I like the animal cracker tin... I still love those animal crackers!