Treasure Trove Tuesday - This Week's Thrifting Finds

18 February
I was off work Monday for the President's Day holiday and I almost forgot about Treasure Trove Tuesday! DOH!

thrifting finds

Here is what I found over the weekend.

Aren't these towels cute?! It always amazes me when you find something like this that is still in the package unused!

Here is the box... why the box is all pink and delicate looking and the towels inside are avocado green and yellow beats me!

A whole set of Beatrix Potter China! So cute!

Pie Pans...

Why on earth would I buy pie pans you ask? Well look at this collection from Cozy Cottage Cute!

Vintage silver meat platter...

A tiny metal clipboard from Lucky's Grocery in Connell, Washington!

A really cute rolling pin towel holder... you should have seen the towels that were hanging on this... U.G.L.Y.... no wonder it hadn't sold yet. I ripped those off and left them there!

 A vintage store display stand and metal file box...

The file box still has the label and under that is the key! 

Look at these coasters!!! Aren't they the cutest thing!? And not broken!! They are marked "Italy" on the bottom.

I found a few St. Patrick's themed items as well... this little pixie bell from Avon...

And some vintage napkins and a doily...

See the hanger they are hanging on? Here is a cute way to repurpose that...

And a vintage baby toy! I remember these :o)

And these last few items were purchased for other projects I have in the works.

 These little ceramic bunnies are kinda cute but I have a plan to make them even cuter ;o)

This wooden candlestick will probably be used as a base for something.

And I've been collecting some vintage coffee mugs for another project that I have in the works!

What do you think of this week's haul? What's your favorite?

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  1. You found some great stuff. I like the clipboard and the towels the best!

  2. oh, the beatrix potter set reminds me of mine from when i was a child. it was my favorite bowl. i LOVE the way you used that hanger as a display-so smart!


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