Treasure Trove Tuesday - This Week's Thrifting Finds

Time for Treasure Trove Tuesday again! My finds this time around are not as grand as they have been but that's OK, some weekends are like this :o)

thrifting finds

On the left are some vintage sheets, some more colorful coffee mugs for my project which I will be sharing soon... promise ;o) and a really cool old scrapbook.

Here is a link (and picture) of my board on Pinterest, "What to do with vintage sheets" in case you're wondering what else you could do with vintage sheets besides put them on the bed!

There are some vintage Melmac plates underneath the little white creamer (I am keeping the creamer and adding it to my collection), some cute vintage cups and plates with little green flower carts on them, a wiener dog condiment holder (fun!), an old strainer, and a few more pie pans.

Here is the little creamer in its new home with my other white creamers.

Here are a couple more shots of that funny wiener dog condiment holder!

And the flower cart dishes...

On the right are some vintage metal picture frames, don't you just love that little scalloped edge?! An old industrial file box, it's really cool because the front folds down a little bit so you can get to what's inside better.

An old record book, wooden handled screwdriver, some old fuses (my house actually still has fuses like this in one of the breaker boxes!), faucet handle, and some sort of timer thing... it says "Automatic Defrost" on the front. I have a project in mind for some of these things.

And a lovely old tablecloth!

So, what do you think of this week's finds?

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