Whole House Redo - Master Bedroom Reveal

16 February
Today I'm sharing my "master" bedroom.

Bedroom Reveal

I've been puttering around with this room since last summer and I'm still not done but it may take me awhile to get to the other projects I have planned for this room so I thought it was time for the reveal anyway. Sooooo... come on in!

It's really not a master bedroom, my house was built in 1944 and doesn't have a master like they have in new houses. There are three small bedrooms upstairs and the bathroom. This is my bedroom so I guess it's the master!

As you walk in there is this little snippet of wall. You can't do much with it since the door opens up right near it, so no shelves or anything that would stick out very far...

So I used an old cupboard door that my dad gave me one day when he was cleaning out, and hung this old windmill picture on it.

Now we walk into the room. I just moved my bed underneath the window and I really like it like this. There are two gauzy curtain panels on this window.

I don't have anything on the other window yet which you'll see in a moment. That's project #1 that I still have to do in this room.

You can check out the picture frame collage that I have hanging on this wall here: DIY Layered Frame Collage.

Below that, I stacked two very old apple boxes for a rustic nightstand!

To the left of the apple boxes is my electric fireplace.

I propped an old shed door on the mantle along with a picture and one lone alarm clock. I think it would be really cool to put an entire huge collection of white, vintage alarm clocks on the mantle... project #2 still to do for this room! Anyone have an old white alarm clock you'd like to donate?!

On the other side of the bed is my gun cabinet turned china cabinet. I just moved it up here from the dining room a couple days ago.

I propped my DIY Union Jack Sign on top.

I filled up the cabinet with things I gathered up from shopping my own house! The bottles came from one of my trips to the dump, the sign is from Walmart, and I've had the other things for a long time.

I kind of have a bird/nest theme going here so I added a real bird's nest, galvanized tin full of quail eggs, little vintage mirror with the birdcage on it (purchased from an antique store) and the green bird field guide book and little Avon bird soap.

Basket full of vintage whisk brooms... one of my weird collections ;o)

And on the bottom shelf a cool galvanized metal picture frame and scrap of piano roll music. I still need something else there... project #3 still to do for this room!

Next to the cabinet is a vintage oak side table that my grandpa made and some more bird themed things on that...

These rustic little frames are from a friend. He was going to throw them out! Eeek!

The little ceramic bird salt and pepper set came from a garage sale.

I just used my rubber stamps and some of the old piano roll paper to make the "Tweet Tweet" and birdcage pictures to go in the frames.

The bird nest topiary is from a local garden center and the ceramic bird is also from a garage sale. You use it to water plants... poor water in his open mouth and it slowly seeps out the other end to water the plant!

And next to that is my granny's chair that I redid quite some time ago. I put a piece of faux fur on the chair seat.

The bird pillow is from Big Lots and the Subway art is from Burlington Coat Factory, it was on clearance last summer for $4.99!

And then there's my reclaimed fence board wall! I am still in love with this :o)

I found this vintage painting at a garage sale.

I put a little stool in the corner... mostly because I didn't know what else to put here or where to put the stool!

This bedroom still has the old heating/cooling vent in the corner so you have to be careful what you put on that or it would break. The other vents have all been covered up.

Looking back toward the fireplace corner...

 And back toward the door...

The little typesetter blocks on the shelf spell out "Home Sweet Home" :o)

Pongo likes our new bedroom!! What do you think?

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  1. I love it Tania! So crisp and clean and eclectic! I love all the different things you decorated with. My sister has that exact same painting of the little girl on the mantel. I love it! Have you researched it? It's called Spring Song and the little girl is supposed to be blind. I think it is such a pretty painting. My favorite part of your room is the plank wall....LOVE it! I still want one. Have a great week!

    Blessings, Vicky

    1. Thank you Vicky, the two things you pointed out in the room are my favorite as well... the little girl painting and the reclaimed fence wall :o)


  2. All I have to say is you're the most energetic person I know! There are so many things I want to do around my house, but (ahem) they're not getting done. Your house just keeps getting better and better! I have a very small bedroom too and it is possible to make them lovely; I love that yours has so much white!

    1. Lol, thank you Joy! I do seem to have an abundance of energy at times... might have something to do with the A.D.D. but on the other hand I also have trouble actually finishing something too!


  3. It turned out great, but that plank wall is my favorite element. How did you attach the wood? Did you glue it or staple gun it?

    1. Thank you so much Kim! The wood is attached with construction adhesive and small nails.


  4. I adore your bedroom! There are SO many fun and quirky touches that I love! Great job! :)

  5. How pretty and sweet! I don't know whether I love the bird salt and pepper shakers or your puppy more!

  6. Pongo is so cute and the room looks great!


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