Top Vintage Collectibles - Part I - Vintage Office Supplies

20 March
Top Vintage Collectibles - Vintage Office Supplies

I thought it would be fun to do a few posts on some of the trending collectibles I've been seeing.

I don’t know about you but I collect what I love not what’s hot or the most valuable. In fact, I’m pretty sure that some of my collections are worth absolutely zilch! Ha Ha! But it's still fun to see what's hot!

Maybe you’ll find something that makes you smile and be spurred to start a collection, or maybe you already have a collection of one of these items. has a great What To Collect section and I picked out some of my favorites from their list. Here are my favorites in no particular order:
  • Vintage office supplies
  • Advertising hangers
  • Prize ribbons
  • Barbershop finds
  • Vintage aprons
  •  Vintage horse décor
This first post in a series will cover...

Vintage Office Supplies (a la mad men style)

When put together they look like art!

Source: Martha Stewart (original post no longer found)
The graphics and styles are so cool.
Source: Saturday Morning Vintage
The Office. No, not the TV show, but the vintage office! Check out these entire offices with vintage themes!

Source: European Paint Finishes

Source Unknown

I have a small typewriter that I like to use in my art.

How do you store your contact information? My guess is in your computer or on your phone right? In fact, I’m willing to bet a lot of people don’t even own a phone book anymore, I know I don’t!

Before computers and cell phones, the Rolodex revolutionized contact-info storage in the late 50’s with the rotating index-card organizer. Here are a few different styles:

Source:  Country Living

Source:  Brooklyn Retro on Etsy

Source: Tuscan Rose

How do you organize your receipts? Bill Files used to hold receipts in offices and stores all around and many restaurants still use them because… well hey… they work!

Source: Little Vintage Cottage on Etsy

Source: Country Living

Source: Milkas Treasures on Etsy

Lighting… all the better to see you with! Every desk needs a lamp right?

Source:  Summer Holiday Vintage on Etsy

Source: Morning Glory Antiques

Source: My Little Thrift Store on Etsy 

Here are some more fun inspiration spots that you can check out at your leisure:

Here is a really fun blog all about vintage office supplies:

This is another great post about vintage office supplies from Jen Wallace on ecosalon

And here is a whole awesome mad men style pinterest board!

Do you have any vintage office supplies? If not, how do you feel about them  now? 

Next time I'll talk about vintage aprons! 

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  1. Lots of fun things. I love anything with vintage graphics.
    Mid century was a great time for awesome graphics.

  2. I love vintage office anything! but I had to laugh when I saw a few of the things you included - they're still in use in the office I work in!!!




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