Treasure Trove Tuesday - This Week's Thrifting Finds

04 March
It's time for Treasure Trove Tuesday again :o) Here is what I found over the last week.

thrifting finds

More vintage sheets, there are two sets for a queen size bed this time, usually when they are vintage they are twin or full/double size.

And a chalkware fish wall hanging... she has a little bit of an attitude don't you think!?

And aprons, aprons, aprons!!

I love the rick-rack details on this pink checked one.

And this one is unique with the double pockets.

And check out the adorable little Dutch girls on this one!

Sorry for the blurry pictures, my bad :o( This old Thermo Jug is cool, it still has the original box and the tape from the store over the lid! And I think that clock will be adorable with a new paint color!

I think I'm keeping that happy little flower picture, I think it's cross stitch? Not sure, but I think it will look cute in my craft studio!

And look at the cute little Buddha!! I love him and I'm keeping him too!

The little silver candy dish will get a makeover and make it's way over to Little Cottage Crafts. The tea strainer spoon thing is for another project.

And I'm not really sure what these are but I think they are plant markers... at least that's what I'd use them for, you could write the name of the plant on them and poke them into the dirt!

That's it for this week. I was going to go out shopping on Sunday but we had freezing rain so I stayed in my warm, cozy home :o)


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  1. What a fabulous haul - I love the aprons especially the one with the dutch girls on. So cute.

    1. Thanks Lorna, I love the aprons too! :o)



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