Treasure Trove Tuesday - This Week's Thrifting Finds

Hello! How was everyone's weekend? I'm here again to show you what I found for Treasure Trove Tuesday :o)

thrifting finds

 Here we go!!

There are two of the pretty green trays and they are in really good shape!

The little wooden bowl will soon get a makeover, and there is a vintage Mad Men style stapler and staples.

A vintage accordion peg rack and a pretty teal blue picture frame...

A pretty silver tray, my plan is to offer the silver trays I've been collecting in the Little Vintage Cottage shop as a "you purchase a tray and I'll pick out a pretty one from the bunch" kind of listing... like I did here with the clipboards.

I think the cheese grater would be cool repurposed into an earring hanger, the holes are really big, you could grate some big cheese with this baby! :o)

I found another old clipboard and this cute vintage toy pattern.

A vintage mail holder (due for a makeover), coffee mug and this cute cupcake stand! The cupcake stand is not vintage so I may end up keeping it since it's not something I could offer on Etsy. It would be cute with Easter d├ęcor!

And look at this cute anthropomorphic apron!! I seem to be on a roll with aprons lately!

And lastly, these two cute little clowns.

I don't normally find clowns cute but these little guys are very charming if you ask me! I might use them in a craft project somehow.