Treasure Trove Tuesday - This Week's Thrifting Finds

15 April
I've been working in my yard almost all weekend but despite this I still managed to get a little thrift shopping in.

After all... I need to have things to share with you for Treasure Trove Tuesday!

Thrifting Finds

The last group of milk glass vases that I had listed in my etsy shop, The Little Vintage Cottage, sold so I picked up some more along with this pretty little tray.

Someone must have collected owls because I found several all at the same store, this one is a piggy bank... or should I say owl bank? :o)

My grandma had a pitcher similar to this except hers was much larger, this one is pretty small!

This owl is a little trivet, isn't it cute!

A vintage Corning salt and pepper set...

 These are vintage pin cushions made with canning jar rings... sorry for the bad pictures...

Old wooden berry boxes...

I'm not quite sure what this horse wall hanging is for but I like it and horse decor is very popular right now.

Not only did someone collect owls but also earring stands! There were SO many but most were priced so high I wouldn't have had any profit margin left.

I did manage to find these at a reasonable price... An owl pair, daisy, and poodle pair. I also liked the little fox figurine and these pretty clip on earrings. The are all sitting on top of a vintage jewelry box that has pink velvet interior!

Vintage wood hangers...

Another fixer-upper mail holder...

This is a cool picture of someplace in Germany... or at least that's what is written on the back.

This is a vintage kit to make your own teddy bear and it's still complete and unopened!

A Tony the Tiger tray, pink Melmac tray, and old hair curler bucket!

There are also two vintage accordion peg racks in the back, two panels of Care Bears and friends to sew, and an old wooden crate. I am planning on fixing it up to use as a photo prop.

Hope you all had a productive weekend!

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  1. Looks like you had a wonderful time. Great finds. Thanks for posting.

  2. Another fantastic haul - I remember care bears, they were cute. I have one of those accordian racks, I have it hung on my kitchen wall vertically and I hang my mugs on it.

  3. You scored lots of great stuff! I know you just said your last milk glass vases sold quickly, but are they a good item to pick up when you can get them cheap enough? I see them all the time and actually have a few of my own that I am weeding out. Do things like that sell better in lots? Just another Etsy question...:) I love the Care Bears...takes me back to childhood. I grew up eating on that pattern of Corelle! Great finds! Have a great week...Vicky


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