Treasure Trove Tuesday - This Week's Thrifting Finds

The weather this weekend wasn't very cooperative and I didn't get much done in my back yard so that gave me plenty of time to shop for Treasure Trove Tuesday!

Thrifting Finds

Here is what I found over the weekend.

I liked the chunkiness of this wooden picture frame, I think a set of mismatched frames all painted the same color would be nice.

I found two state trays which I think are cool and this funny little owl knife holder!

Here's a better shot of the owl, isn't he great?!

 A fun, retro napkin holder, I think this would look so cute in a vintage camp trailer!

I picked up several vintage sewing patterns, jumpsuits seemed to be a theme this weekend!

I remember my grandma having a yarn holder kind of like this next to her chair for her crochet.

I like the pretty blue, satin interior of this one.

This hangs on the wall and holds your sewing scissors. I think this will get a new paint job to freshen it up a bit.

A huge peanut butter jar. I will probably use it to store ribbon or something pretty in  my craft studio.

A cute little milk jug and small platter.

The platter is ironstone!

A set of three vintage Pyrex dishes.

 And look, they match the salt and pepper shakers I picked up a few weeks ago! :o)

Some "littles"... and no, I don't just pick up random things, I actually have honest-to-goodness plans for these!

This is a stack of vintage craft kits... UNUSED!!

 Someone apparently belonged to some sort of club where you got a kit each month in the mail!

They look kind of fun don't they?!

So, that's it this time. Some pretty good stuff in this haul I think :o)

All of this will eventually make it's way to my Etsy shops: Little Vintage Cottage and Little Cottage Crafts.