Treasure Trove Tuesday - Vintage Picking!

27 May
Have you seen the shows Vintage Pickers and Salvage Dawgs?

Well I got my first chance at a real "pick" just like they do on the shows on Friday!

A friend of mine from work and I went out to another co-workers place in the country where they have a couple of barns full of stuff... stuff they are giving away... yep! for FREE!!! Here's what I picked!

thrifting finds

The first thing I saw when they opened the barn doors and the thing I'm most excited about is that windmill for the garden... a small version of the large ones you used to see all over the country on farms.

Just look at those perfectly rusted blades!

In just a couple of weeks I'll be heading to The Farm Chicks Show and I've seen these at that show for anywhere from $100 to $300!! I'm going to check them out again this year to see how much they are.

Old mailboxes... an oar, an old lawn edger (loved the green handle), a stack of old windows.

The large green one in the back is my favorite. When I pointed it out behind all the others in the barn the owner just wrinkled up her nose at me and said "you want that?!

A berry tin... I have plans to transform this ;o)

And this old radio! I wasn't even going to ask about it because I was pretty sure they wanted to keep it. When I finally worked up the nerve to ask she said "take it... please"! Oh! A woman after my own heart! :o)

There is more in their barns that was buried waaaay in the back, that we could not get to... trunks, furniture... be still my heart! They are going to let us know when they have it cleared out enough to get to those things, I can't wait!

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  1. Oh, you are so lucky. Bet that was a lot of fun. I like everything you picked!

  2. That windmill is awsome - I would love one in my back garden - the old radio is also fabulous, just my cup of tea. Some fabulous finds.

  3. Wow awewsome! I'm sure you had a blast and to get everything for free! You can't beat that. You got some great stuff. Have fun deciding what to do with all your new goodies!

    Blessings, Vicky

  4. I love your windmill. =) What great finds! Blessings and Sunshine, Valerie


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