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03 June
I love to rearrange the furniture... to me it's an easy way to give your rooms a fresh look without spending a dime! You can shop your own house and bring in new things and/or use them in a different way.

I rearranged my living room on Saturday and I thought you might like to see! :o)

Living Room

This is the view from the dining room. I put my white slip cover back on my couch for spring/summer. It feels very light and airy in here now!

Here is a before shot from the same view. You can see that I flipped the couch over to the other side of the room... these two configurations are pretty much the only ways this sectional couch will go in the room.

And I put the bookcase/entertainment center where the couch used to be. So the bookcase acts like a divider now giving me an entry way from the front door.

Standing in front of the couch and looking at the staircase...

I just recently bought the plant. I have one, a spider plant, that was my grandma's and I have managed to keep it alive for quite a few years so I thought it was time to add another! It sits atop a stack of vintage books with the covers removed. The little leaf bowl was made for me by a friend. Inside the cloche is a roll of vintage tickets and a roll of vintage burlap webbing. And I also added a stack of vintage flower frogs with a flash card tucked in!

I tucked my entry table behind the couch and added the old window. The concrete spheres I made are acting as book ends.

I used washi tape to hang a couple of bird prints.

OH!... sitting here looking at these pictures I just realized that a bird's nest would look GREAT in that little blue pedestal bowl! I'll be doing that as soon as I'm done writing this post! I kind of have a bird theme going on here... well except for the star fish ;o)

A couple of large baskets... the one on the bottom has blankets and the top basket holds things for my Etsy shops that are up to be photographed and listed next!

I found this feather picture at Big Lots last weekend! Isn't it cool? They had one with butterflies too and I debated but then decided since I have a bird thing going on this one would look great!

Here is the view from the stairs.

And the back of the bookcase which obviously I still need to do something with. I have an idea for that and I hope to work on it this weekend!

Here is a before shot from the stairs.

What do you think? Do you enjoy rearranging the rooms in your house too? Is this just a girl thing because I have a guy friend who thinks I have "serious issues"! :o)

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  1. It looks great! Have you kept track of the various furniture configurations you've had in there? Several!

  2. Tania, you have so many unique things going on here....pinning a bunch!!! LUV IT
    Christine from Little Brags (P.S. is your Sofa from Ikea?)

    1. Thanks Christine! Yes, the couch is from Ikea, I love it!


  3. On my gosh Tania! I absolutely love the way you rearranged your living room. I really liked it before, but it looks great this way. I love rearranging, but am limited on configurations. I love the look you have going on too...very calming. The colors and decor, the rug and bookshelf...everything is perfect. It is the look I am going for in my living room...and hopefully this summer I will get it done. We are doing flooring, walls (one will be a plank wall), painting the ceiling and everything! Lots of work but so worth it. I can't wait...and thanks for the inspiration...:)

    Blessings, Vicky

  4. You could turn the back of that bookcase into a chalkboard. :-)

    I like to shove furniture around too. I like your colors.

  5. What a treasure trove your living room is! Just lovely! I love that bright white slip cover and your concrete balls look amazing as book ends. I love to rearrange furniture too! I do it all the time. I have standing and staring episodes throughout the house...when I do this, my husband just groans and says OH NO! Not again! LOL Oh well...I like to mix things up a bit now and then, it keeps things fresh. Thanks for such an inspiring post! I think I need to go figure out a change for my own living room. Blessings and Sunshine, Valerie

    1. Lol! Standing and staring episodes... I can totally relate to that! I don't know why men dread it so much, at least we aren't out spending money!


  6. Beautiful! I LOVE your idea to use the bookcase as a divider!
    kelly @ view along the way

  7. Love your living room. Love the old door clock. That is awesome.

  8. What a great room! I live so many elements...the wicker trunks, the door, the pops of color...well done! :)

  9. I love this rearrangement! Such a better flow and the slip covered couch looks fabulous!

    Seeking Lavender Lane

  10. What beautiful elements you have used here. So many thing I really love - great choice of the feathers over the butterflies. It is such a cozy space. Came over from your comment on my blog - now a follower.

  11. What a charming room! So much character in all the details, and I love the fresh look of the white slipcovers.


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