Moving Day - My Daughter's New Apartment

26 June
Yesterday I was off work to help my daughter move into her new apartment. She has always had roommates so this is her first place that she's had all by herself and she's very excited! Living with roommates is hard and she hasn't had very good luck with that :o(

I definitely got my exercise because she has quite a bit of stuff and her apartment is on the 2nd floor and to top it all off, she wasn't even packed. I took a few pictures right after we started moving a few of her things in.

This is the entry way. There is a large built in closet thing, the half on the entry side is a coat closet. It's going to be so nice for her to have this, and we can decorate on top of it too!

This is the living room. These apartments are very old, but she loves that kind of thing as you can see by her funky 70's furniture! :o) Only one wall has the paneling so it acts as an accent wall. And you can see from the amount of light flooding in that there is a HUGE picture window! The carpet looks grey in these pictures but it's actually mint green.

This is the adorable kitchen! Another HUGE window and she has a dishwasher too! The landlord told her that she can pick out some new linoleum for this room and the bathroom which will give it a little bit of an updated look.

There isn't much cupboard space but if you turn around and face the other direction...

The other side of that big built in thing is a pantry and broom closet! So this is her little dining room.

The bathroom has pink fixtures (hard to tell in this picture), the bathtub and toilet are baby pink and there is pink and white tile on the walls! :o) Again, not for everyone but my daughter loved it!

And if you go stand in front of the bathtub you can see that there is actually quite a bit of storage space in here as well!

And to the right of the bathroom is her bedroom. HUGE compared to the room she was renting before and more windows!

I have today off as well to help her unpack and decorate a little bit.

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  1. What a fun and funky place and so spacious! I can't wait to see it after you help her decorate and place her furniture! Have fun...:)

    Blessings, Vicky

  2. How fun! My daughter got her first apartment a couple of years ago, it was exciting. She didn't much care for the room mate thing either and was happy to finally be on her own. Your daughter's apartment is so charming and cozy. Love the vintage look.
    Blessings and sunshine, Valerie

  3. my first apartment had avocado green appliances...what goes around comes around. I love the amount of light flooding in


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