Treasure Trove Tuesday - This Week's Thrifting Finds

24 June
It's that time again! :o) Here are a few things I got over the weekend.

thrifting finds

I love these old scrapbooks and this one is so cute with the little Scottie dog!

I've seen these little girl's purses around, I thought this one with the little snow skiing chick was adorable! Looks like me when I tried to learn to ski... legs and arms everywhere!
A sweet chalkware fish!
 A pair of lucite green light and plug-in cover plates.
 This shot shows the green better, aren't they pretty!
Vintage cat eye glasses. People like to buy these and replace the lenses with their own prescription lenses! I think that's a great idea!
Here's a close up of the corner details.
A beautiful vintage stationery box... I was heartbroken when I saw that someone wrote on it :o( Maybe I can cover that up with something...
 And these vintage clip on lights are so cool!

This is a pretty ceramic horse book end... sadly there was only one but I loved it anyway and will be keeping it :o)
A cute little tea towel.

That's it this week!

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  1. The scrapbook with the scottie dog is my favorite, altho I also like the glasses. I had a pair of those cat eye glasses when I was in 6th grade. I always thought the same thing and wish I had kept them to put current lens in.

  2. I love those switch plate covers. So girly! Such wonderful finds.
    Blessings and sunshine, Valerie

  3. Fabulous finds! Love it all, but the scottie scrapbook is my favorite, too!

  4. Awesome finds as usual! I love the horse bookend and the clip on lights the most! All your finds are sweet though and should be easy to sell! Those cat's eye glasses are too cool!


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