The Renter from Hell...

06 July
I don't have any weekend yard work posts because I spent almost the whole long weekend helping my mom and dad with one of their rentals. A long term renter just moved out and he is now officially... The Renter from Hell!!! He completely trashed the place... we are talking trashed :o(

I'll show you around. Demo has already started and what is planned is going to be so cute! This is the front of the house... a cute little house. That red front door is new because the old one had a hole in it. The house will get some new siding on the bottom half and a new paint job of grey with white trim.

Rental fixer upper

If you walk in the front door you are in the living room...

Looking to the left...

looking up, there are beams and a loft above...

Looking to the right... there are tons of windows all over the house making it nice and bright! The carpet was completely ruined and had to be ripped up. The guy who lived here had two boys and a dog and none of them had any guidance or discipline. The dog pee'd all over the carpet and it smelled so bad! The carpet padding had to be scraped off the floor just to try and get rid of the smell.

Here are a couple of shots before the carpet was ripped out.

Now we'll go upstairs.

Once you are upstairs you are in an open loft area with a little room behind it. The new renter is going to make that little room into her closet!

This is looking out over the edge (which now has a new railing) I don't know exactly what happened to the old railing but he probably did something to it too!

This is standing back in the little room...

The dog pee'd lots in this room too... it reeked!

Here we are back downstairs looking up at the new railing.

On to the kitchen!

This room had the most damage. That's my mom looking all pleased with herself about something!

In these shots you can see the old kitchen cupboards... they just pulled off the wall and fell apart in their hands... no tools required!

My dad in deep thought (or totally grossed out about something)!

All the cabinets are gone now! The dishwasher was even trashed... there was black moldy water sitting in the bottom for who knows how long and it had been leaking... again for who knows how long.

They have already purchased new base cabinets and the uppers will be open shelving (the new renter's request and cheaper so she gets her wish!)

The linoleum was burnt to a crisp by the wall heater. The heater has now been removed so that won't be happening again. Surprisingly the linoleum is in pretty good shape (except for this little area) and we have opted to keep it and spend a little more on other things.

The dining table chandelier was broken as well. My mom and I found a cute one at Habitat for Humanity. The one in the pic above is still the old one.

This little pantry is staying and will painted with chalkboard paint! She decided since she's having open shelves in the kitchen a pantry will be needed to hold the food.

This hideous wall paper is actually wall board... like sheetrock that is made with the wall paper on it... wierd... there will be beadboard covering all of it though so we haven't done anything to it.

On to the bedroom, bathroom, and laundry...

When you are in the kitchen these three rooms are through this doorway.

This room was another frequent potty for the dog :o( WARNING! Gross pictures ahead!!!

There was dog poop on the walls!

on the floor... even on the furniture before he moved out! WTF?! Who lives like that?! We scrubbed the walls with TSP... the dog poop and even boogers were scrubbed off the wall... yes, I said boogers! For real... Disgusting. There were moments of standing over the garbage can with the gag reflex in full swing!

pee soaked sub floors.

This is the bathroom... we won't even go in there... black mold on the walls, the shower surround was trashed and has to be replaced. My mom spent pretty much all day cleaning in there today... blech!

The laundry room. Leaking pipes, damaged walls and floor.

And last but not least is this closet off the kitchen. The new renter is creating a tiny office out of this!

Now... we do have some before and after pictures next! We worked on painting in the bedroom today.



She chose a creamy off-white with a yellow accent wall in this room.

Here I am painting away!



Looks so much fresher, lighter, brighter, cheerful even!!

Stay tuned for more as we fix up this little rental house!

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  1. Can you imagine living in filth like the renter did? Oh my...some people amaze me! It is an adorable little house though and I can't wait to see how it all turns out! BTW...the plank wall is complete except for crown and baseboard. I will share tonight if I get time...:) Have a great week.

    Blessings, Vicky

  2. OMG - hard to believe that people can be such pigs. That is gross and disgusting. It's such a cute little house too, so I can't wait to see how beautiful it will be when you're finished. Can you claim that damage on your insurance? I'd try if I were you.

  3. I rent and I would never treat some one elses property that badly. People who don't own don't care most of the time. It is so cute. Can't wait to see how it turns out. Best of luck.

  4. I am so sorry we rent my place is very well taken care of .We need a bigger place because of my grandson he is special needs and because his equipment we need more room. BUT no one cares we have been looking sorry you had this experience.

    1. Thanks Judy, it is a shame that people cannot respect other's property. I'm sorry you are having issues finding a larger place, I wish you luck.



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