Treasure Trove Tuesday - This Week's Thrifting Finds

15 July
Hello, welcome back for Treasure Trove Tuesday! ;o) I had a pretty good weekend as far as treasure hunting goes, here is what I found.

thrifting finds

Looks pretty good right?!

I picked up this magazine rack for only $2! It has a smudge of blue which I hope will come off so I don't have to repaint the entire piece. I think I'll probably use it in my craft studio.

I found this fun globe pillow for .50 cents. I have a collection of globes going so I thought a globe pillow would be fun :o)

Some vintage rulers for my shop, Little Vintage Cottage. Collections of old rulers are one of my best sellers.

This lovely, lacy, crisp white, bit-of-beauty is a bed skirt! Wouldn't it be pretty in a shabby chic bedroom?

Another of my best sellers is vintage picture frames like these...

I thought the necklaces were sweet, I could even see wearing all three together.

The tomato pin cushion is for my collection... .50 cents. The adorable recipe box will go to the shop!

I don't really know what these are called... hose clamps? But there is an amusing story about them... We had stopped at a garage sale put on by a bunch of kids probably in their 20's and when I asked one of them how much they were he said "uhhhh... what are they... earrings?" I almost busted out laughing! "I guess if you are into really big gauges they might be earrings!!

 Some wooden pieces that will get makeovers.

I have a small collection of these little beaded necklaces... don't ask me why... I collect weird things... I think they are adorable :o)

I'm not sure if I'll keep this box or not yet. I love pretty vintage boxes like this to store my craft supplies.

Such a pretty mint green color inside!

A couple of old harvest baskets.

This is actually a treasure I bought on Etsy to make a teddy bear with. I found it at a lovely shop in the Ukraine called Handy Happy Vintage. I just love it that I can shop from my home all around the world!

Here are some fabric samples I picked up, also to make bears with. Can't you just see a little orange bear for Halloween from the fabric on the left? A couple of them are even mohair! The bears will eventually be listed at Something Special Bear.

I think this old picture is so pretty!

Don't you just looove this adorable little yellow ladder!?

So, what do you think? Anything you would have picked up for yourself?

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  1. I most definitely would have picked up the magazine rack, the globe pillow, and the harvest baskets. I probably would have picked up the bed skirt too as it matches a couple pillows I thrifted a while back. Great finds as always! Have a great day.

    Blessings, Vicky

  2. oh my goodness. You amaze me with your lovely finds. I love it all! I especially love the yellow ladder, what a find! And I love that picture of the little girl with her dog. Adorable. Such a fun read. Blessings and sunshine, Valerie


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