Treasure Trove Tuesday - This Week's Thrifting Finds

Let's just get right to it shall we?! No need for unnecessary chit-chat! :o)

thrifting finds

A little bit closer look...

I love this lamp! It works great, all it needs is a shade! My plan is to leave it natural wood (maybe just seal it) and use it in my decor. It was $2.00.

I thought these vintage file boxes were cool.

I like the handles!

Check out this old milk bottle!

I love the graphics on it!

And aren't these little jelly  jar glasses cute?! I like the shape and the little pedestal bases :o)

This little cookbook also caught my eye.

 I think the pictures are cool looking.

This little trio doesn't look like they've ever been used. There is a makeup pouch, eye glasses holder, and tissue holder, cute!

A vintage jewelry box...

With pretty blue interior.

Another souvenir plaque. I picked up a bunch of these a couple of weeks ago, this one is from Amarillo Texas.

And this... I. LOVE. THIS... like totally love... it's ok if you think I'm weird ;o) I'm used to it!

It has obviously been sitting outside for years. When I saw it, it was laying upside down on top of a crate... sort of off by itself... it was $2.00.  Poor little thing... I feel kinda sorry for it... it needs to be beautiful again! :o)

Look at that cracked and fading leather! My plan is to oil the leather and see what it looks like then. Does anyone know what kind of oil I would use? I'm sure with a little research I can figure it out but I thought maybe one of my lovely readers might know!

I actually found this little sweetie last weekend but forgot to take a picture of him for that week's trove post. 

He is made of concrete and was $5.00.

He is now nestled in next to my other outdoor treasures.

That's it for this Treasure Trove Tuesday, I hope everyone has a wonderful rest of the week!