Treasure Trove Tuesday - This Week's Thrifting Finds

08 July
Even though I spent almost the whole weekend helping my parents with their rental my mom and I still managed to get away for a few hours and do a little shopping on Saturday!

thrifting finds

 I absolutely fell in love with this sparkly, gold deer! He is quite big too standing about 10" tall!

I wanted to add a collection of white clocks to my mantle in my bedroom and I found two! Well, actually the large one on the left is a barometer... I have no idea how to read one, my grandpa always had one and I remember him looking at it each day. The maroon fabric under them is vintage and I think I'll use it for teddy bears (you can see my bears in my Etsy shop, Something Special Bears).

A collection of vintage kitchen items. I love the vintage blue Ball canning jar! There's a cute little funnel, the round thing is a pie crust crimper I believe, and I'm not sure about the other... a cheese cutter?... anyone know?

I am keeping this dish too, it will go really nicely with my aqua and green colors I'm using in my living room!

 A vintage vanity mirror...

A tiny little wood grained clipboard...

And I think these little souvenir plaques are so funny! Very kitsch!

This one is my favorite!

 I like this one too. You can see how they are stamped with the place they are from for a souvenir.

That's it for this week's Treasure Trove Tuesday!

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  1. You got some great stuff. My grandma had that same vanity mirror and my sister now has it. Love those wooden signs.

  2. I have that same vanity mirror. I actually have three of four in my house...I love them! That green dish is so pretty and it will look great in your living it! The deer is adorable! I love your idea for the white clocks...that will look so cool! Can't wait to see that project when you finish it! Have a great day...:) I'm back to sore, but the living room is looking good. All the bead board is up as well as the plank wall. Now to paint, install trim and put the floor down.

    Blessings, Vicky

  3. The kitchen gadget is a cutter for veggies. It makes the carrots or potatoes "ruffled". I have a red one :).

    I LOVE the plaque that says "Try praising your wife even if it frightens her at first." I'd so put that over my husband's head. And yes, I would be frightened...

  4. Treasures abound! I love the souvenir signs---great find!


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