Giant Mailbox Makeover

Today I'm sharing a little redo I did on a GIANT mailbox :o)

giant mailbox makeover

Here are a couple of before shots... you may remember this from Treasure Trove Tuesday - Vintage Pickin'! It doesn't look so bad from this side...

But take a look at the lovely paint job on the other side! Eek!

The first thing I did was give it a coat of burgundy paint that was left over from my front door. I'll be honest here too... I didn't even clean the thing first, sometimes I think a little dirt just adds to the rustic/weathered appeal that I'm going for!

And then I sanded it a little bit.

Then I took some chocolate brown paint and slopped that all over it then wiped some off with an old rag and sanded it again.

Then I took some light gray and dry brushed it all over hoping to give it an aged effect.

And of course sanded it yet again to bring out the embossed words and details.

I thought it would be cute to put plants in...

And it would be kind of cool on a picnic or patio table to hold napkins, paper plates, silverware, etc.

One of my friends was over visiting and when I showed him he said "Oh, I LIKE that!" so it's now his :o) He always does a lot to help me out when I need it so he deserves to have it plus it's pretty heavy and would cost a lot to ship if I sold it in my Etsy shop! He mentioned putting a plant in it or perhaps using it to hold his barbecue utensils or something.

So from this...

 To this in just a few easy steps :o)