Fixer Upper Rental Update

06 August
Well, the rental rehab is finally done... the inside that is! This poor little house was completely trashed by The Renter From Hell but it's looking so spiffy now!

Fixer Upper Rental

This is what we worked on last...

Finishing up cutting the hole in the counter top for the kitchen sink.

You wouldn't think that would be any big deal but it took us awhile! This is me and my dad working on it.

Lots of test fitting and re-test fitting!

Until finally it fits! We reused the old sink to try and save money.

The new shower surround was finished up...

We left the original bathroom vanity but it needed a new top... which did not fit perfectly... so there was some Macgyvering involved! Luckily my dad is the master of Macgyvering :o)

Here is the pretty new sink.

How about a few before and after pictures? :o) Here is the kitchen before...

Here you can see the ugly striped and grapevine wallpaper on the soffits before, after they were given new rounded corners, mudded, and painted.

Before there were baseboard heaters, a wall unit AC over the window, and a wall heater that burned the linoleum below it. Those have been replaced with an all inclusive AC/heater unit below the window.

This lucky little kitchen also got new cabinets, counter tops, and bead board paneling. The open shelves still have not been installed and now the new renter is moving in so I don't know if I'll be able to show pictures of that :o(

The bathroom before...

And the bathroom sink before...

And after! A new sink was installed, new shower surround, and a little bathroom fan was installed next to the window to prevent the black mold that was overtaking this poor little bathroom before... oh and a new toilet seat and a good scrubbing and new paint.

Here is the sink after...

The one and only bedroom before... (complete with dog poop and boogers on the walls)...

And after... this room also got the scrubbing of its life, new paint...

And new carpet and a pretty yellow accent wall.

And we left the shabby, chippy, original door!

The stairs to the loft before... (well technically the carpet had already been removed)

And with new carpet after!

The little room upstairs before, looking out to the loft area...

And after, this room is now a closet with a fresh paint job, new carpet, and shelves and rods.

A new railing was built in the loft.

Here is the living room before...

And after with fresh paint, new carpet, a new front door, and new linoleum in the entry.

And a new ceiling fan.

And this is how everyone is feeling now! Actually, I thought it was fun and I'm kinda sad that it's over... my parents think I'm a few bricks short of a load! But they were there every day for about a month working on it... I only helped on the weekends... I'll give them that :o)

I will try to get some after-shots once the new renter is all moved in... she has really cute stuff... but I'm not making any promises. There is also the outside to take care of so I'll show pictures of that soon.

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  1. Your rental property looks great! Hugs for your parents. They (as well as you!) deserve it. Linda@wetcreek Blog

  2. Hope you have better luck with your new renter Tania!

  3. What a fabulous job! Kudos to you and your folks!
    Blessings, Valerie


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