Overwhelmed and Tired - Packing & Moving

19 September
I feel so overwhelmed and tired right now I just want to cry :o( If  you don't know, I sold my house and bought a new-to-me house. Today is the closing day for both houses and I have to be out of my house by 9pm tonight (this will already have come and gone by the time some of you have read this), but the really crappy part is that I can't have the keys to my new place until mid-afternoon today. Luckily they have given me access to the garage at my new place early and it is full now... along with a 10' x 12' storage unit... FULL!

A friend has been helping when he can and my parents have both helped but I still have stuff in the house that I have to get out today... and I'm tired.

A couple of days ago my parents were here helping me and we moved the little shed. We had to pick it up and kind of roll it over the fence because it was 1" too wide to go through the gate. Luckily it's plastic and pretty lightweight so the three of us got it and then my dad and I got it into the backyard at my new place by ourselves.
Here's where it sat in the backyard... kind of sad... makes me wanna cry looking at this picture... ok, maybe that's just me being overwhelmed because at this point everything makes me want to cry.

Yesterday my mom and I moved stuff allll day. We almost had a catastrophe on the freeway between houses. We had a little wind storm hit and it grabbed hold of my electric fireplace that was in the back of my truck and tipped it over and it almost fell out! I about had a heart attack and my mom who was driving her truck behind me about did too! I was envisioning it causing wrecks and all kinds of carnage. We pulled over and strapped it in better and made it but that was nerve wracking for sure!

My mom took this picture of Roxanne and Pongo over the fence. They are so confused and concerned :o( And I'm nervous about taking them to their new place today... nervous one of them might decide to mark their new territory IN THE HOUSE!!! Crossing my fingers that doesn't happen. Nervous that they might get out of their new back yard because the fence over there needs repairs and yesterday one of the neighbor dogs miraculously appeared in MY back yard from his somehow.

Last night my dad came down and we took my trailer over. I hope no one steals it. We turned it around backwards at the new place so I think it will be fine. The lights didn't work so he had to follow me closely just so we could get it to the new place before dark :o(

I will be SO glad when today is over... now I need to go shower and get ready to start again. I am so sore I want to cry... ok... I'm overwhelmed I know.

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  1. Awww sweetheart, take a deep breath! You'll be fine, it will all work out, nothing has gone wrong... Trust me, I've moved 43 times!

    You're starting on a brand new adventure, focus on the bright side and those silly niggling little things that always happen during moves will soon be behind you.


  2. Closing on houses is over whelming as I is, but having to co-ordinate moving stuff makes it worse. Don't try to do too much this weekend. Jus relax and enjoy being done with it all. xo

  3. Hi Tania, It sounds so stressful! I hope that you have gotten a chance to get some rest by now? Thank God for parents to help us out.

  4. Good luck! Moving is the worst! You can do it!

  5. Bless you Tania! I hope you're in the new house now and able to take things more slowly. Happy new house! X

  6. You have good reason to be tired and overwhelmed! I hope you got it all done and try to get a little rest this weekend. Unpacking can wait a bit! Prayers for you!


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