Update on the Rental Fixer Upper - Exterior

12 September
I have one more final update on my parent's rental. If you didn't see the post about The Renter From Hell you may want to check these posts to see how far this little house has come:

Update on the Rental Fixer Upper - Exterior

The inside is all done and the new renter has moved in but there was still the outside to deal with. Here is a good before shot. What you can't really see here though is that the bottom half of the house was in sad, sad shape from years and years of sprinklers and just regular weather wear. The new barn red front door has already been installed here.

Instead of re-siding the whole house though my parent's opted to place a new layer of horizontal siding over the bottom half of the house.

Here is my dad (on the left) and his friend working on that.

So you can see on the front (and back) they went all the way up to the seam and on the sides they just went up a few feet. I think already it looks tons better!

That ugly particle board piece covering the hole where the air conditioner used to be is now gone!

Next is paint!!

Grey with white trim... just like my house! :o)

Look at how nice that siding looks now!

They also decided to have the garage painted as well.

And the little sheds too!

Look how nice! It just makes me smile... this poor little house has been through the ringer but now it looks so great!

Here is a view from the neighbor's yard. The house with the two garage doors is my parent's house too, it's the house I grew up in which is now a rental as well.

What do you think?

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  1. That is a huge improvement - love the grey color.

  2. that is a huge improvement! What kind of siding did they use??

  3. It turned out great! Thanks for sharing the final results with us...:) Have a great weekend..Vicky


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