What I've Been Doing When I Should Be Packing!

07 September
I'm getting really excited since I shared my secret news - I bought a house with you! I really should be packing... and I have started but I've also been working on a couple of last minute projects before I pack up all my crafting supplies!
boho pillows
Yep! I've been making pillows! This stresses some people out but in my defense I have a couple of points to make... very valid points...

1. Since I am packing up in preparation for my move to my new place and I have no idea how long it will be before I can get my sewing machine back out!

2. Envelope closure pillows take about 10 minutes to make and that includes cutting out the fabric, sewing them up, and shoving the pillow inside! So, I spent less than an hour of my "should be packing" time making these!

3. I am a single woman and I can do what I want! :o) Of course anyone who may be coerced into helping me move maaay be slightly irritated if I'm not done packing when moving day arrives.

Ok, back to the pillows!
I see so many cute pillows for sale on Etsy and I love them but I don't love their prices! They run about $25.00 to $50.00... PER PILLOW!!! If you can sew a straight line you can sew a pillow.
So instead I found some cute fabric on Etsy. I'll share the shops that I got them from at the bottom of this post.
I want to incorporate some tribal (in a very soft, whimsical sort of way) accents into my decor and I thought these two prints were really cute.
I wanted to stretch the fabric I bought so I could get two of each pillow so I used different fabric for the backs. I had the grey chevron fabric. I got it awhile back from Pick Your Plum.
And I used some drop cloth fabric that was left over from my old couch slipcover for the gray arrow pillows. The backs aren't nearly as cute as the fronts since I chose to do the envelope style closing but that's fine by me. I have two dogs and I need to be able to remove and wash these!

I also made this cute little pillow out of an old T-shirt!
 It cracks me  up! It's a spin-off of the famous American Gothic picture by Grant Wood.
Source: answers.com
 I think that might be my last project before moving day... which is less than 2-weeks away.
Now they are going to be packed up!

The arrow fabric is from The Littlest Bean. She does sell already made pillow covers for VERY reasonable if you don't want to sew your own! I paid $8.70 (including shipping).
The feathers fabric is from Indeed Fabric and I paid only $7.20 (including shipping).

I used two IKEA feather pillow inserts and two old couch pillows I already had for these. And I already had the squirrel T-shirt and another pillow insert. So for just under $16.00 I have 5 new pillows! Yay!

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  1. What fun pillows! (I love the squirrel one!) I don't blame you, getting distracted-packing/moving is no fun! But once you're in and get to start decorating, the fun begins! Good luck with everything! (Love the pic of your living room, btw :)

  2. fabulous! I love them all!! I'm not surprised that you're distracted, I hate packing!!

  3. I love them all Tania! So much so that I am planning to order some of the feather fabric. Is that coral, turquoise and grey? It would be perfect for my living room!I love the arrow fabric too and may order it as well. I have been wanting to make some envelope covers for the pillows that came with my sofa. have fun packing...lol! Not nearly as fun as making pillow covers is it?

    Blessings, VIcky

  4. Love the fabrics you chose, but the old squirrel tee is hilarious. I may have to drag out my sewing machine - i have a drawer filled with cute tees no longer worn. If you have time away from the packing, come over and link these pillows to Make It Monday. http://distresseddonnadownhome.blogspot.com/2014/09/make-it-monday-1.html

  5. Sqirrel alert! I love squirrels. Your tshirt pillow is hilarious. I came over from Make It Monday. :)

  6. Love the pillows and especially the little squirrel ones.

  7. Lovely fabrics! Thanks for letting us know your sources. Also, thanks for linking up to Make It Monday, our new link party!

  8. I love the prints that you used. And just think, now you don't have to pack all that fabric;) Thanks so much for sharing at the Make it Monday Party!

  9. I love fake squirrels, but not the real kind since they destroy everything in my garden...sorry. Love the pillow. Congrats on your new home, it certainly has a great deal of potential and I can't wait to see how you transform her. So happy your shared What You've Been Up To at Sunday's Best.. Please come join the party again today.


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