Happy Halloween!

Just popping in to wish all my blog friends a Happy Halloween! I just realized that if you are a subscriber to my blog via my newsletter then you won't see this until the day after Halloween... I'm sorry! I forget! I hope you HAD a Happy Halloween in that case!

My mom sent me these pictures for a trip down memory lane!
 This is me in the witch costume, my dad, and my cousin as Snoopy in 1976!
Look at my face!! Ha Ha! Do you remember getting that excited over candy!!?? To be honest I still get that excited about it sometimes! ;o)
This one is from 1978. I'm not sure who that is in the middle... most likely my dad kneeling down... could be my mom though, she used to dress up for work. That's my neighbor on the right. Not really sure what I was supposed to be... a gypsy maybe?!